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More from Denver, Our own Gay Rights debate and finished socks for K

Wow - history being made this week, n'est-ce pas? For the first time in U.S. history (and it's about DAMN time IMHO), an African American is being nominated as the Democratic party (hell - any party's) nominee for President. I had one little hearing this afternoon and could not help but mention something to the DSS attorney who also happens to be African American. We talked about the high emotions last night and being close to tears that this was [finally] happening. I told her I had an [internal, non-psychotic, LOL] vision of this man with his hand on the Bible, taking the oath of office from a member of the Supreme Court and the thought that this might actually happen in my lifetime was overwhelming. Heck, it surpasses the day I was driving in my car in 1978 when the phrase "habemus Papem" hit the airwaves shortly followed by the words "Karol Woytila." Only this time I think Mr. O might get a few more things done that I agree with, LOL. And now as I s…

A view from Denver, new yarn, and a new orchestra

My brother, Rob, is an attorney. Unlike me, he's a name partner in a Denver, CO lawfirm that specializes in medical malpractice defense. Like me, he's a democrat. He and my other brother, Dave, who works for a financial firm doing things I'd have to take a course to figure out, both live in the Denver, CO area. Rob sent the out of town family his pre-Convention observations from his neck of the woods: Greetings from our dusty old cow town. 100 years ago, we hosted another DNC. The black caucus asked William Jennings Bryan if perhaps, just maybe, there could be something in the party platform denouncing lynching. The Democratic party said no. (Bryan was afraid of losing the southern vote.) Thursday, they will nominate Obama. I guess we've made a little progress over the last century. Downtown Denver is actually kind of fun during the DNC so far. I returned from court 25 miles north of Denver this morning to find tons of Democrats walking up and down the 16th Street Mall.…

Caution - this post is not for children!

Isn't this yarn lovely? It's downright gorgeous! But oh, what an unfortunate name - it's called Fannie's Fingering [yarn] and is advertising it. I'm sorry. I'm bad, I know. Very bad. Wish I had this yarn - it would make something beautiful, no doubt. I hope I am increasing (however minutely) PurlSoho's sales. But the name, people, the name.... OY! I suppose my silliness is a result of not having done any serious knitting in the last TWO days. That must be it, yeah, Ok, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Today was fairly quiet. My colleague covered the three hearings I have today and I'm covering one, maybe two additional hearings for my colleagues tomorrow. SO you'd think I'd get some serious knitting in, wouldn't you? Well, I intend to, but it's almost 4 PM and I am employed, you know, so I spent this morning meeting with a sweetheart of a client whose case closed today -it was six months earlier tha…

It's another beautiful day in the neighborhood

and doesn't that chair look inviting? But it's WEDNESDAY and that means getting ready for tomorrow and Friday's fun and frolic in the CINA court system. I'm not complaining, though - I really am glad to be employed. This morning's hearing was a bit of a pain because we had to wait through a very busy morning docket, but again, that's ok - gave us the DSS attorney time to attempt a settlement. No go, of course, but always good to try. We're coming back again for another hearing in about 2 months. I've been able to schedule one of the three visits I need to do; luckily they are young adults and I can meet with them later in the day and/or discuss their respective cases over the phone and/or meet up with them for lunch or breakfast to check in with them, so the intense frustration I feel when I can't get ahold of a caregiver for a young child is somewhat abated, LOL! On the knitting front, I'm plugging away at Colin's sock pattern in hopes of…

Late night ramblings

It's been a little while since I last posted, so I thought I'd catch up since Saturday. Not a whole heck of a lot of stuff has happened in the last two days. In fact, Saturday night really became Sunday morning at which time (7 a.m. EDT) I toddled up to bed - and slept for about 4 hours, thus missing church for the second Sunday in a row. Got a lot of knitting done, though, LOL. In fact, I set aside the SOTS-III for just a couple of days to work on some other projects, one of which is a project I'm supposed to finish for the Ravelympics and is supposed to be a gift for S. And I'd like to finish up the Chinese Lace Pullover sleeves and finishing before the end of September. And I've joined the Mystery Stole 4 KAL (hmm, wonder what all my women friends are getting for Christmas this year???) But there is one light at the end of this yarn tunnel:
On Saturday, I went online to Ravelry - a great place to meet other knitters and other (often free and very good) patterns -…

Happy Blogiversary Happy Blogiversary Happy Blogiversary Happy Blogiversary

Or at least I think it's been about four years since I started this process a while back at live journal where I was musikmysterium - and then on to Blogger and duplicated at wordpress. In fact, I think the wordpress blog has all the entries from this blog that were deleted (except one or two I had intended to delete anyway), and the livejournal blog, in addition to the few entries when I was solely posting on Wordpress, so if you want to see my sordid past from August of '04 to the present (rah!), that's the place to go. But if you do go there, you know that means you have no life! I have been toying with the idea of boring a larger audience with a podcast. I've gotten the recording software from and taken the first steps, but I'm going to have to plan things out before I put my voice out there. We shall see... who knows? I wanted to write a little update to that post (during what I refer to as the interregnum between blogs) at wordpress, in which I de…

Old News, but we need to listen. Are you listening?

Got this from Brenda Dayne's blog - Brenda Dayne of Cast-on podcast fame. The remarks are apparently being made by one Sally Kern, an Oklahoma state representative. Can you imagine what it must be like for gay teens in that state? Frightening thought. No wonder so many gay kids try to kill themselves! If any gay teen is reading this, please know that this old lady thinks you're fine just the way you are!!! So there you gaybashers out there!! The organization that created this mini-video should be commended for countering such ignorance.+

Well, I guess that first post wasn't meant to be.

I was writing about my day, visiting three teenage clients who really needed some time and attention from me, two of which were 2/3 of a triplet trio all living for the time being in different placements. How I got an earful about foster homes and wondered how to really really listen to kids to be able to keep them safe. How Colin's blog taught me how the relationship between parent and child endures, even if it's toxic. And, most sadly, how that relationship causes kids to think their situation is their fault. And that makes me want to cry! If we would only LISTEN to these kids, they'd have so much to say to us. But they are so used to people not listening, not believing, patting them on their heads and saying (if only figuratively), "there, there, we know what's best for you." To coin a phrase my dear daughter S says, "I call BULLSHIT on that!" I left those visits vowing to listen to each and every one of my clients no matter what. And to fight fo…

I love this kind of day

At 7:30 a.m. I get a call from a colleague in another county who cannot be two places at once (they never taught us that in law school, sorry, Judge) who needs me to cover a shelter hearing. I'm on call in my county, so I have to wait to see if I have a shelter hearing. I find out I don't, so I'm OK to help out in her jurisdiction. So ....shelter hearing is at 1:30
I hit the ground running (ok, schlepping) to a meeting near DSS (at Panera), which lasted too long because we all just chatted a bit too much, but we did get things done. Then another meeting in our city office - which I have to cut short because I'm running to court. Off to my colleague's office to grab the file and then to court in plenty of time, meet the client (age 4), have the hearing, then go home. whoosh! Not a lot of hard work, just a lot of running around. But I would do anything for Connie - she got me started in this work and I owe her big time! Besides, I'll take this kind of practice over…

What's new in YOUR life?

I always say "not much" and then go into a laundry list of details. Anyway, this weekend was.... well, interesting. I gave blood Saturday morning without incident - or so I thought. Then Diane picked me up so John could use the car with A/C and off we went to see Olney Theatre Center's production of The Rabbit Hole - a well acted play about a very sad topic: the loss of a child. The set was state of the art and the acting was superb. We thoroughly enjoyed this thoughtful exploration of the pain of loss, its impact on the characters' other relationships, and the very unique personal expression of grief. I found myself really liking the protagonists - people who found their lives horribly altered, yet wanting to remain good people despite terrible odds. You feel for these people and you never ever want to be in their place. After the play, home, a little bit of e-mailing and a small supper. Then, but 6:30 I had to get to sleep. I was feeling weak and shaky and achy and…

Shhhh - don't wake anyone up!

I had to post my first knitting with beads. The swatch is a little too tight and small - so I will definitely be using the size 3 needles. I also added a row of beads at the end just to see if I could use the crochet hook to get them on and I could! You need to click on the picture to see them. With all of that, I'm pleased with the way they turned out. Just for S and G ("sh*ts and giggles"), I added a picot edge in crochet. It's a little thing- about the size of a mini handkerchief - but I think I'll use it for something if only on my dresser. Silly, I know, but it's good to know I can do this and it doesn't take up a lot of time in the knitting. Oh well, time for bed! +

Olympics, Weekend fun and more

This is a collage of some pictures and logos taken from the Internet. If anyone knows a reason that these are not to be shared here, please let me know and I will remove them! Lately, I'm feeling a little like the kid whose best friend just left for vacation with her parents at the end of the summer. In my case, it's my best friend heading for the beach for a well earned rest with her dear husband. I have to find ways to entertain myself - and that's a good thing. Never healthy to depend on one person for anything. And in just a few short weeks it will still be hot, but summer will be over and my favorite season begins. In the meantime, the Beijing Olympics started - early this morning for us, early evening for those on the other side of the earth. We just saw the opening ceremonies and it was awesome in the real sense of the word. There's something about the Olympics; it brings back hope that we can all live in peace. Silly perhaps, but true. Speaking of silly, Rave…

Thanks to GailR:)

Well, I've been tagged again:) You all know we pretend to hate it, but c'mon it's another way to share our likes and dislikes with our little web community, LOL!
Here's what I'm supposed to do:
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OK, I just mentioned Gail's blog, so that one doesn't count toward the seven, but I will tell you that Gail is a gentle soul who loves her family dearly. Two of her grandchildren, like one of mine, have been diagnosed with autism and she has been a wonderful support and encouragement to me as I am beginning to negotiate those waters! 1. This blog I just started reading today, although I should have started a couple of weeks ago when the Lambeth Conference started. It's Bishop Gene Robinson's blog - he's the first openly gay man to be consecrated a…

Ruby and Madison Tuesday

John is off work and the grandgirls are here to give their other grandparents a break from their usual babysitting duties - and to fill in the gaps before daycare and before and after schoolcare start. It's cloudy here in central Merlin and the forecast is calling for the usual summer thunderstorm, so I don't guess a walk around the lake is in the cards today. That's OK, I will get a couple of visits in this afternoon, provided no shelter hearings turn up in Connie's jurisdiction (I'm on call for her so she can visit with her nephew who's just lost his mother and grandmother in the same month, poor baby.) So far, it doesn't look like there are any pending shelter hearings in either of our counties, so it looks like I'm getting to the office and getting some visits in. Last night I get into the "zone," knitting until 4 a.m., beginning the sleeves on the Chinese Lace Pullover. I'm knitting them the old-fashioned way - flat and one at a time. …

More Room in a Broken Heart

No, this is not about to be a maudlin post. Just a reflection of the sermon/homily (for you Catholics out there) I heard this morning. The Gospel reading this morning was about the Loaves and Fishes and the miracles in the New Testament, but for some reason, our young priest, Nick S., focused on the Old Testament reading about Jacob wrestling with the angel. I got to thinking (a dangerous thing) about all the people I've wrestled with in my life - mostly figuratively, I assure you - and how they've impacted me. Actually, I guess that could really be extrapolated to any relationship that means anything to you. It also tied in with a discussion I had earlier this week with Nancy and Rennie after we had gone to see Brideshead Revisited. Let's see if I can make sense of the miasma swirling in my brain right now, LOL: In the Old Testament lesson, Jacob was on the run, hiding from his twin brother, Esau, from whom he had wrested his father's blessing and hence Esau's (the …