Caution - this post is not for children!

Isn't this yarn lovely? It's downright gorgeous! But oh, what an unfortunate name - it's called Fannie's Fingering [yarn] and is advertising it. I'm sorry. I'm bad, I know. Very bad. Wish I had this yarn - it would make something beautiful, no doubt. I hope I am increasing (however minutely) PurlSoho's sales. But the name, people, the name.... OY!
I suppose my silliness is a result of not having done any serious knitting in the last TWO days. That must be it, yeah, Ok, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Today was fairly quiet. My colleague covered the three hearings I have today and I'm covering one, maybe two additional hearings for my colleagues tomorrow. SO you'd think I'd get some serious knitting in, wouldn't you? Well, I intend to, but it's almost 4 PM and I am employed, you know, so I spent this morning meeting with a sweetheart of a client whose case closed today -it was six months earlier than I would have liked it to close (she turns 21 in February), but it really seems like it's the right choice for her. We had coffee at one of the food eatery places in Towson and chatted about where she would like her life to go. She seems to really have her head screwed on straight. Getting to know kids like her and seeing them mature into real people is one of the serious blessings of my job. I told her I want an invitation to her college graduation and I meant it. Keep her in your prayers, folks. Unlike your kids and mine, she really doesn't have parents she can fall back on, so it's all on her. Of course, she can call me any time, but there's only so much this old lady can do. Keep your fingers crossed - she's a great kid. Excuse me, she's a great young lady.
Well, I need to get some paperwork done for filing tomorrow. But have no fear, knitting shall follow!
We're heading toward that last week of August. School starts in this area next week - for kids and grandkids in this family. John is off until Tuesday and court is fairly light for the next few weeks. So I'll have numerous opportunities to catch up on my files, organizing information and work areas, and catching up on visits. In the next couple of weeks, I'll need to make decisions about what activities to remain/become involved in with regard to church and professional organizations. When September hits, I will hopefully be able to hit the ground running.
I am looking forward to Nancy and Rennie's return from the beach, Diane's return from her sister's home, the return of bell practice, choir practice, knitting for the holidays and friends and the return of cool weather.
In the meantime, I plan to relish every minute of what is becoming a time of serious reflection - (yeah right - see above!).

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