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Gotta love the Scots:)!

A brief update and two book reports (well, maybe three)

Well, even though it's snowing outside, dear 2.5 readers or however many you are, it looks like we are going to return to business as usual in this corner of Merlin. Tomorrow ends the week-long hiatus from work, school and being on the road for me. Hopefully, the snow we are getting tonight won't hinder my trip to beautiful downtown Towson tomorrow bright and early:)

During the past week, I have gotten quite a bit of knitting done and did indeed begin two new projects and am about to cast on (again) for a third. The first is the socks you see to the right. The Snowdrop Socks from the Six Sock KAL group on Yahoo. I've been having fun with this and should be done soon. It's a nice lace/cable pattern with a garter stitch short-row heel, all knit from the toe up (my favorite). I like the cuff construction and strongly urge the use of Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off for this also. The second is a hat I am designing from a stitch collection/instruction book - T…


Grey Garments - OY!

Igloo, sweet igloo!

As some of you may know, the Mid Atlantic coastal region of the US got a lovely little bit of snow dumped upon us this past week. These are the results of the first onslaught of snow:

And here is the result of the second "wave:"

Looks like we haven't done an ounce of work, doesn't it? But we've been shoveling on and off since Friday! I am so thankful that our electricity is working. Otherwise we'd be out of heat and telephone and shit outta luck as they say in my neck of the woods. Having a daughter who works for a supermarket chain doesn't hurt, either. However, one worries - for the daughter who works at the aforesaid supermarket and for the other daughter who is a police and fire dispatcher and 911 operator and who does not have a 4WD vehicle and lives an hour from work. She had to work 24 hours straight - give or take the few hours she tried to sleep there - last weekend. I hope this time she got a ride home - but it all depends on whether other peo…

I'm supposed to be working!

But had to take a break - if only to look longingly at this little bit of yarn calling my name from across the room.
I. must. resist.

Found this list on Grainee's blog and Bianca's Tuedelbuedel blog:) It's funny, I thought I read a lot of American/English books (well.... sort of a lot) but was happy to find I've read a few deutsche Buecher also. The following are consider by (who knows) to be the 100 most beloved books by Germans. The boldface titles I've read (some in English and some in German). But after looking at this list, boy am I still ein Dummkopf!
1. Der Herr der Ringe, JRR Tolkien
2. Die Bibel
3. Die Säulen der Erde, Ken Follett not sure what the English title was, but probably not
4. Das Parfum, Patrick Süskind
5. Der kleine Prinz, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (en Anglais et en Francais!)
6. Buddenbrooks, Thomas Mann
7. Der Medicus, Noah Gordon
8. Der Alchimist, Paulo Coelho
9. Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen, JK Rowling (Sorcerer's stone, right? - Yeah)