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an Update

Dear friends,

Our dear DIL R, came home last night in one piece, thank goodness! Our daughter, her wife, B, picked her up in Old Ellicott.  Strangely enough, she was pictured on our local news as she was trying to get a message to B as to where she was. That hasn't alleviated the pain and suffering, though.  So many are heartbroken yet again over losses of life and property. None of the group save those who live here were present on Sunday, but many came by Monday for pizza and sympathy.
This past weekend, beginning Thursday, has been a microcosm of "The Agony and the Ecstasy." We saw our son in an amazing play (YAY).  We enjoyed a holiday weekend (YAY).  Ellicott City flooded again (HUGE BOOOOO!!!).  Our family got together (YAY).  Our granddaughter, M, graduated from high school today:)! (MAJOR YAY!!!)
And life goes on for all of us, except for the wonderful officer and gentleman National Guardsman named Sgt. Eddison Hermond, who saved one woman in our town, and was w…

Getty old and moldy

Or at least it feels that way, LOL:)! We just had a few days of lovely sunshine, so I can't complain when the view out my front door looks like this: though it is making our getting together this evening more problematic than usual. One of our progeny is coming back from a visit to in-laws on the Eastern Shore, one is working a night shift, and two are still on the job.  I barely made it home from the supermarket in time to avoid getting well and truly soaked.  The DH came out to help and handed me an umbrella - saved the day:)! My main hope, of course, is that all and sundry get home safely.  We can always get together another time.
Our youngest turned 32 this past week, so we'll be celebrating her birthday tonight.  Ms. Penultimate, S, is AGAIN cooking dinner and has already baked a cake - which is why I have time to type this thing - as the thunder claps and the lightning flashes outside the window.  
This week has been a busy one despite having one docket day free of hear…

Spring/Summer finally:)!

Until this morning, the skies looked like this for almost all of last week:
On the Tuesday the above photos were taken, I was on my way to bell practice.  We rehearsed very quickly that evening, then all of us got drenched leaving early, getting to our cars and getting home. There was a tornado watch and in some parts of the state, I believe one or two small ones were seen, thankfully none touched down.
Despite the weather, I managed to get in a lot of client visits along with the usual rounds of courthouse time.  
Then, this morning, the world was in bloom:
That thing we call the sun actually made an appearance in the morning sky. Who knew? And miracle of miracles, I actually made it to church today. Today in the Western Church, we celebrate Pentecost (In Judaism it's Shavuot) - the commemoration of the day the Holy Spirit descended upon the early Christians (In Judaism, it's about the Ark of the Covenant, I think- Shavuot??).  I mention this because there is a reading from t…

Happy Mother's Day:)

Spring hath definitely sprung here in Merlin, USA.  The snapshot above is of a tree-lined street near Baltimore County DSS where I attended a meeting this past week.  I took the picture while pulled over briefly - couldn't resist. It has been an unusual week for me in that I had no regularly scheduled cases on any of the three docket days.  I had one shelter hearing but that was all. I did schedule a LOT of visits, made and received a lot of phone calls and emails as is usual, but it was very strange being away from the day-to-day interactions - both good and not-so-good - that life at the courthouse affords. Yesterday (Saturday) I spent a full day visiting clients and speaking with another one on the phone.  At the placement for two clients, I sat outside under the shade of a tree while talking with the clients and their caregivers, gaining information on a new case.  When I got home some three hours later, I had a sunburn! I swear, it's those "unplanned" times in …

Having a lovely time....

What a great way to start a weekend! Our eldest grandchild, M., performed Friday evening with the Mount Hebron HS dance company.  She was very happy.  This has been a great year for her.  You can see the happiness on her face as she poses with her aunt and sister right after the performance. She and her family will be coming by today to celebrate and enjoy the food stylings of her other aunt, S. Yes folks, that's right, I'm not cooking this Sunday - do I hear a Hallelujah?! 
As if that were not enough, yesterday began what I like to think of here in Merlin as the Knitting High Holy Days: Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I was to "woman" the Hospitality Tent run by our local Columbia Sip 'N Knit (of which I am a member) and sponsored by a number of ventures local to the MD-DC-VA area. I was supposed to be there at 9, but the traffic getting there was incredibly slow.  So I got there a bit late, but there were no "customers" yet, so no harm done.
I took …