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An interview with my D.O.D. - Happy Mother's Day:)

Thanks to my son-in-law Donald for sending this to me. The interview was with Joey Reynolds of WOR New York in 2001 - Dad was working for WCBS at that time.

and here's a news clip about the last day of WABC-AM in NY before they went "talk radio" in late 1982. Dad's in the background - the fellow in the orange shirt in the foreground is a gentleman by the name of Ron Lundy.  Mr. Lundy recently died a few months ago.  He was a very dear man and a good friend to our Dad.

MD Sheep and Wool! And the Blessings of Friends:)

Sorry it's been so long since I last blogged, dear 3.5.  It's been a busy time here at Chez FugueState. Where to begin? Oh yes! At the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival - well, to be exact at the night before Md S&W.
The Fearless Leaders of the Columbia Sip & Knit, Denise (ExecutiveKnitter on Ravelry) and Lynn (lynnz on Ravelry) somehow, some way, used their Amazing Magical Powers to borrow a friend of a co-worker's RV and to set up camp just outside the entry to the Festival at the Howard County Fairgrounds. The night before a bunch of our intrepid group set up chairs, a tent, and a free lemonade stand in preparation for the event.  Some of them even spent the night in the RV! Although I was not one of those, I did partake in a lovely dinner outside with everyone.  Unfortunately I did not take my knitting along, but someone else let me work on her short-row scarf (it was really kind of fun:)). We talked until it got dark and a bit chilly and then I was on my way hom…

NEVER FORGET: On You Tube- Thank you, Ron!

exvirginia — April 26, 2010 — Performance by Ronald Mutchnik on the Sundays at Three Chamber Music Series' Holocaust Memorial Concert of Charles Miller's "Yizkor" on April 11, 2010