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Vacation Part Deux

When last I left you, dear 3.5 readers, our intrepid band of pioneers was getting ready to venture into the wilds just north of Miami Beach, Florida.  We checked our bags at the hotel for safekeeping and made our trek from Ft. Lauderdale to just north of Miami where Jungle Island and its inhabitants awaited us.  We enjoyed our sojourn there and left to visit some of the ritzy parts of Miami Beach.  It was there that Madison and Ruby, and John and I stopped by a corner ice cream shop and relaxed for a while as their Mom and Dad visited some of the more famous haunts of Miami Beach. That being done, we were soon on our way back to Ft. Lauderdale to pick up our luggage, then to the airport to return the rental chariot and then on to our flight back to BWI. In 2.5 short hours we were back on Merlin soil unpacking. As I crossed the threshhold, I came upon this little beauty that had arrived in my absence: I had totally forgotten I ordered it from Colin's  (Knitman's) Kitchen last week…

Family Vacation

Since my Dad and stepmom Maureen moved to Ft. Lauderdale, John and I have been wanting to get down there to visit.  Previously, when they were living in New York City, we would make our annual pilgrimage to the Big Apple every January, of course when it colder than a witches never-mind-what.  But we would get an amazing room at the Marriott or the Renaissance in Times Square for the right price, so who was complaining.  We would take Dad and Maureen out to dinner and catch up on what was going on with them, with us, with the extended family.  Then John and I would bid our adieus, and head back to the hotel.  On Sunday, before leaving to negotiate the wilds of the Jersey Turnpike, we'd head up to School Products on 28th street and Broadway and buy - despite what the name appears to infer - yarn:)!
Well, this time, they were in Ft. Lauderdale.  In April:) It's tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.  This time we did it right - four days off from work, Dori, Donald, Madison an…

Easy Friday, I think...

Well so far, so good! I figure since I'm going to have a little time today, I'd start a new project, bringing my number of projects to be worked on in 2010 to 28.  If I get half of them done, I'll be a really happy camper:)! A while back, when Large Marge's Yarn Shop was open in Ellicott City, I would stop in there from time to time, usually on a Friday - a payday Friday - when I might  have an extra sawbuck burning a hole in my pocket.  Usually on days like that, I will look at the lace yarn.  Knitters know why.  Laceyarn contains a LOT of yardage in one skein.  It takes so few of those beautiful skeins to make one lovely scarf and you get to make something lovely with a relatively small investment.  It was on just such a Friday that I bought this little bit of loveliness, took it home and wound it into a ball.  Now I am hoping I have found the right venue for it.  I will see. If not, I'm not afraid of frogging and trying again!
Today is a relatively …

Waiting for my day to begin...

When I heard that the courthouse was closed, I thought - nah, can't be - I have a hearing this morning.  I have to be out the door in  ten minutes. But the most bizarre thing happened - apparently there was an underground fire, which caused a watermain break which has left quite a large chunk of Baltimore County, Merlin with a  dwindling supply of water. This, in turn, led to the closings of a number of offices, businesses, schools and - you guessed it - the courthouse! This is the second time in about 7 years that a watermain break has caused the courthouse to close and that is weird.
You'd think I'd be overjoyed to have a "day off," but all it means is that work is put off for another day - and this particular piece of work was tough to schedule. More importantly, the children impacted by this case are in limbo for that much longer.  But, waddya gonna do?
There are no clients I can visit right now - they are all in school.  I have a meeting at 3 today, a visit at…

On a lunch break then back to work - definitely the Spin Zone today! (Sorry Mr. O'Reilly)

So I have to make this fast.  Three Things:

First: Yesterday, after work, I was home basically doing nothing very new (I was knitting, OK?), John came in with the mail. (It gets here late in the day in our neck of the woods - sometimes as late as 8 PM).  Well, what to my wondering eyes should appear but a little box filled with yarn goodness from Amber herself! Amber and I have met through various knitting groups online and of course through blogging and our shared political similarities:).  Otherwise, how else would I have met a person about 10-15 years younger than I am who lives in out New Mexico? Another one of the joys of knitting. The box had two beautiful - and I mean beautiful - little "biscuits" of yarn in blues, and greens and all sorts of loveliness.  Well, here, see for yourself:
Doesn't it look like the balls are two different colorways?  They're not - it's just that I have them set at different angles and they catch the light differently.  According t…

Happy Easter!

Well, at least we're in the octave, LOL:)! Yesterday was exhausting but worth every minute! I hit the ground running at 8, got to early practice a little late, but made it through the Easter Obstacle Course without falling, crashing (well, except for that one chair) or hurting anyone (that I know of). Kristin, Sonny and his Mom, Linda all came to the late service with baby Johnny.  I cannot tell you how much this meant to see them all there on Easter Sunday! Linda is such a sweetheart - visiting our church and spending time with Sonny, Kris and Johnny before spending the balance of Easter with her other three grandkids and Sonny's sister and brother-in-law - Ladonna and Jason.  Their comments about the sermon and the music were very kind.  I about fell over myself introducing them to everyone I could between and after the services and of course appropriating Johnny to show him off to everyone in the choir:) It was a lovely spring day - and it was getting hot in the…

Holy Time, Batman!

OK, so I'm not great at thinking of eye-catching blogpost titles.  Today has been a quiet day, chillin' out, and knitting, relaxing in anticipation of the Easter Marathon and Obstacle Course that will be starting in about one hour:)  Backing up a couple of days, Thursday was a busy day at court and then a meeting that lasted until 5:30.  I had to rush to be at church in time for the Maundy Thursday service.  It's the only time all year we sing the music from Taize' - an ecumenical Christian community in France.  The music is simple and lovely and highly repetitive, given the kinds of things that happen like the footwashing and communion receiving and the stripping of the altar, but you don't mind the repetition because the music is really rather nice four-part harmony. We had a rehearsal immediately following the service, but by then I was done in, so I went home.  I stayed up way too late and then realized I had to drive JoAnna to the airport in the EXTREMELY early…

Knitting IS a privilege, Mo! Glad to see you're at least respecting the needles:)