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Bob Brezsny's Astrology Cracks me up

I'm glad I'm entertaining you, buddy, but my opposite numbers at the County DSS are decidedly not amused.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Sometimes you're cool, but other times
you're hot. You veer from acting aloof and distracted to being friendly
and attentive. You careen from bouts of laziness to bursts of disciplined
efficiency. It seems that you're always either building bridges or burning
them, and on occasion you are building and burning them at the same
time. In short, Aquarius, you are a master of vacillation and a slippery
lover of the in-between. When you're not completely off-target and out
of touch, you've got a knack for wild-guessing the future and seeing
through the false appearances that everyone else regards as the gospel
truth. I, for one, am thoroughly entertained!

A "Prayer for Relief"

I am a lawyer.  When one files something with the court, you are usually asking the judge to order something, to help your case.  At the end of the paper you file, are what they call "prayers for relief." This is a bit of a play on words, but it does come from the heart.  This is not intended for my usual readers, so if you are looking for knitting, come back in a while. 
Dearest K and S,
In the past few months, I have felt a great many things - a lot of sadness and grief and anger and pain - because a marriage is breaking up, and that is a sad thing, but not necessarily a bad thing.  Most of that pain is about the sadness I see in both of you and most importantly, your children.  
I want you both to know that I wish you happiness in this world, and - God willing - the next one. When I first learned you two were splitting up, I told a colleague and friend about it - and my very first - and last - thought was, "My role in this is that of Grandma and nothing else." …

7 a.m. Thursday morning. Craft room beckons but I have court...

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Cloudy, 100 percent chance of who knows what....

It's still cold and cloudy here in Merlin.  I am sitting at my desk, trying for the last time to get a laptop to work - one my dear daughter gave me when she bought her newer one a thousand years ago. I think I may have to let it go.  So... what you see here is a keyboard and Kindle.  So far it's working fine. I am catching up on emails and calls both personal and professional and stressed out more about the personal ones.  The divorce and custody battle is getting ugly and I am sad beyond belief. Let's hope the judge is a fair one without any mental health problems. (OK, maybe that was asking too much, LOL). I won't be saying much more here. Just want my grandkids to be OK and see both parents without a lot of drama and trauma.  Yesterday, John was cleaning out a part of the basement to bring up a table for the grandkids to use in the playroom for drawing/eating, etc. and found a box of photos.  I put them into a collage.  Not everything came out too well, but I cann…

Some yarns are just too purdy to put on your feet #operationsockdrawer

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Ok so call me crazy...

But I still like snow.  I was still a bit on the agnostic side about this snowstorm that was allegedly heading our way this morning. When I went to bed last night, it was still raining.  Woke up after hitting the snooze button only a couple of times because I was certain it would all be a big hoax and I'd have court this morning.  Much to my surprise, the Merlin Courts website said that all the courthouses in Merlin  - except for two holdouts on the Eastern Shore (and we know how ornery Caroline and Dorchester Counties can be) were closed! Of course, as the morning progressed, it became more and more apparent that this was a good call.  I'm not complaining.  I love looking at the snow, don't mind occasionally shoveling it, but I detest driving in it.  
John got himself a nice warm, comfy hotel room where he works - one of the perks of working for one of nation's best hotel corporations! Betsy is staying here and Robyn is all but finished with this semester's work,…

This Pilgrim's Progress...maybe

When I woke up this morning, the snow had not begun falling, but by the time I got to St. J's, parked the car and donned my choir vestments, the snow had started in earnest. So we went ahead and had the 9 a.m. service, but everything after 11 a.m. was canceled. The snow has really had an impact on people.  A number of us left as soon as we could, but after clearing off the car, I got my toochas home. (Yes, I said toochas. I'm allowed.  I'm from Lawn Guy Land and I have enough Jewish relatives to qualify.)  Anyway, when last I left you, dear reader, I was on my way to a drop-in all day choir "clinic" to help those of us who are musically challenged.  When I got there, only Nancy, our music director/organist/choirmaster and a member of the altar guild were present, so we went over some of the tympani pieces.  A good thing because (1) I hadn't seen a couple of the pieces before, (2) needed to be sure I could tune fast enough and (3) I sure as *&^% cannot pr…