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I should be out walking!

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood today:)! Autumn is here in full force - or perhaps in its gentleness, for gentle it seems to be this year! Of course, winter will be another story, I'm sure! A LOT has happened since my last post, dear 2.5:)  We welcomed a new little babe into our lives - Patricia Jane, or "Patty" as she is called, came into the world the morning of October 2, 2012.  She is named after my mother and me and perhaps also her Aunt and cousin, both of whom have her middle name. Those of you who know me on Facebook have seen these picture.  And yes, the cardigan on the right was knitted by this Grammy:). As my grandfather used to say, she has the map of Ireland on her face:)  - as it should be, seeing that at least 25% of her genetic material hails from there! Her brothers seem to have taken her appearance in stride. On that same day, at about the same time, I was in Annapolis, arguing an appellate case, and "Pop" was home, taking care o…