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Pandemic Diary: Days of Grief and Pain

To say I am beyond disgusted by the grandstanding, cruelty, lack of leadership and downright evil among people in our government and their lackeys who should know better would be the understatement of the century.  I am a lot of angry and do not have the words that are appropriate to place in this blog.  I am an older person, likely in the latter years of my life.  I have arthritis, obesity, a bad gallbladder, thinning hair, a vitamin deficiency, and other problems you don't want to know about.  I wish I were in my twenties and able to get to Baltimore or DC and give 'em hell, but I'm not. All I can do is resolve to root out the evils of racism in my own soul, resolve to never accept it publicly or privately, and pray as if there were no tomorrow.- and vote!!! Life has been moving along despite a pandemic that, despite the double-speak you hear on the news, is still making people sick and claiming lives.  We are gradually opening up in various ways and I suppose that needs

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