A mon cher ami, Wilfred Andre Houle

A dear friend of my husband and me, one of the two priests who married us, died in 2009 of a particularly vicious form of Alzheimers. He never deserved this and the very thought of it angers me beyond belief. Yet while he finished his years in a care facility, he was known by his caregivers for his kindness. That makes my heart sing, because they saw him as I did: a good and decent man who gave his life for others. This is for you, Andy. By Antoine de SAINTE Exupery:

All men have the stars… but they are not the same things for different people. For some, who are travelers, the stars are guides. For other they are no more than little lights in the sky. For others, who are scholars, they are problems. For my businessman they were wealth. But all these stars are silent. You — you alone — will have the stars as no one else has them… In one of the stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing. And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing, when you look at the sky at ni…

Happy Holidays

To the 2.5 readers who continue to stick with this haphazardly published blog, Happy (belated) Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, a blessed Kwanzaa and a Happy New Year. And if I forgot any other Holiday  (Festivus?:)), please forgive me and throw that one in too.

So much has been happening.  My goodness, where to begin?
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Everyone except our youngest and her new spouse was here. They were with the other side of the family, helping out and enjoying the holiday.  We are lucky to have them around here in Merlin, a blessing for which I am very thankful.
Christmas is looming and of course, I'm not ready.  I'll be ready at about 4 a.m. on Christmas Eve, per usual:).  
Christmas Eve, I plan to be ringing with the bell choir, singing a song or two, and playing the tympani on some of the more bombastic numbers.  My favorite part of the services is after Communion when the entire congregation sings Silent Night. The last verse is a spine-tingling moment of awe.…

So Far It's Been a Hell of a Summer!

...but before I begin with my life, OMG, have you seen this?
Webs is selling kits for Franklin Habit's Dolores - complete with sunglasses! - and an additional kit to make Dolores' Rhinebeck Sweater! Am I going to buy one or both? Not today.  Too much month left at the end of the money, but I'm saving up for both if I can. Are they not the cutest? What an adorable toy she would make.  Dolores is a wild woman, but I believe our Patty and she would soon be fast friends and partners in crime! (God help us.)
Isn't it funny the kind of thing that wakes me up from blog fading? It has been a crazy almost-6-months - see chronology below:
*   June 11: The day after my last post, my knee went out after court that morning.  I could barely walk to the parking garage, get in my car and get home. Taking the next ten days off work helped me heal a bit, but after an appointment with orthopedic surgeon and an MRI, I soon learned that surgery is in my future. It was at first scheduled fo…

Reviving past treasures

What a couple of crazy weeks it's been here in Merlin! The second major flood in two years has yet again threatened to destroy what remains of a beautiful old town.  The main suspect is over-development of the area and consequent lack of absorption of rainwater. If I understand this correctly (and I may not have it all right), past flooding has been the result of rising waters from the Tiber River overflowing into the low lying Main Street. More recent flooding has occurred more from "top-down" - water that cannot soak into the ground due to uphill development of the land rushes downhill into the town. I do know that a number of businesses will not be able to survive two attacks and will either be closing their doors or moving to higher ground.  A shame - the beauty of Old Ellicott City is the cluster of unique whimsical shops.  I've known a number of people who travel there once or twice a year from all over the state to enjoy a day of shopping, lunch or dinner, an…

an Update

Dear friends,

Our dear DIL R, came home last night in one piece, thank goodness! Our daughter, her wife, B, picked her up in Old Ellicott.  Strangely enough, she was pictured on our local news as she was trying to get a message to B as to where she was. That hasn't alleviated the pain and suffering, though.  So many are heartbroken yet again over losses of life and property. None of the group save those who live here were present on Sunday, but many came by Monday for pizza and sympathy.
This past weekend, beginning Thursday, has been a microcosm of "The Agony and the Ecstasy." We saw our son in an amazing play (YAY).  We enjoyed a holiday weekend (YAY).  Ellicott City flooded again (HUGE BOOOOO!!!).  Our family got together (YAY).  Our granddaughter, M, graduated from high school today:)! (MAJOR YAY!!!)
And life goes on for all of us, except for the wonderful officer and gentleman National Guardsman named Sgt. Eddison Hermond, who saved one woman in our town, and was w…

Getty old and moldy

Or at least it feels that way, LOL:)! We just had a few days of lovely sunshine, so I can't complain when the view out my front door looks like this: though it is making our getting together this evening more problematic than usual. One of our progeny is coming back from a visit to in-laws on the Eastern Shore, one is working a night shift, and two are still on the job.  I barely made it home from the supermarket in time to avoid getting well and truly soaked.  The DH came out to help and handed me an umbrella - saved the day:)! My main hope, of course, is that all and sundry get home safely.  We can always get together another time.
Our youngest turned 32 this past week, so we'll be celebrating her birthday tonight.  Ms. Penultimate, S, is AGAIN cooking dinner and has already baked a cake - which is why I have time to type this thing - as the thunder claps and the lightning flashes outside the window.  
This week has been a busy one despite having one docket day free of hear…

Spring/Summer finally:)!

Until this morning, the skies looked like this for almost all of last week:
On the Tuesday the above photos were taken, I was on my way to bell practice.  We rehearsed very quickly that evening, then all of us got drenched leaving early, getting to our cars and getting home. There was a tornado watch and in some parts of the state, I believe one or two small ones were seen, thankfully none touched down.
Despite the weather, I managed to get in a lot of client visits along with the usual rounds of courthouse time.  
Then, this morning, the world was in bloom:
That thing we call the sun actually made an appearance in the morning sky. Who knew? And miracle of miracles, I actually made it to church today. Today in the Western Church, we celebrate Pentecost (In Judaism it's Shavuot) - the commemoration of the day the Holy Spirit descended upon the early Christians (In Judaism, it's about the Ark of the Covenant, I think- Shavuot??).  I mention this because there is a reading from t…