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In the Thick of Summer

 My goodness, it's already August - time just flies and flies.  There have been some very hot days, but also a very few nights that have actually been starting to be a little - dare I say it? - cooler than before.  We had a week of no central AC which was tough for the husband, who gets overheated when it's 60 degrees Fahrenheit. But we were actually ok with a borrowed window unit, thanks to a couple of our kids, and a bunch of fans.  I think it comes from not having AC as kids - we both grew up in NY and summers were plenty hot then, too.  We got by on fans if we were lucky enough to have them. We would run through the sprinkler, go swimming if/when we could - and - joy of joys - make our way into a supermarket, library, or other business that had central air to cool off. Ah the good old days. Today was a really nice day.  Our (adult) kids/grandkids usually come over on Sunday, but today some came by for dinner after attending a day watching their favorite players at the Raven

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