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I'm not willing to let this go...

    Knitting is still going on, but I've lost of bit of the mojo.  It's OK I always get it back and I highly doubt it won't this time as well. I am taking a brief minute to write just a little - probably because I have COVID and zero inclination to get started at this late hour on a work project. Spinning - that craft that eluded me for ev er - has finally bitten me in the butt. I have managed to spin up - and ply - a few skeins of yarn. The Louet wheel that lovely fellow (Henri) in the Netherlands refurbished, is doing wonders.  Am I a good spinner yet? Nope.  And that's OK. I'm having fun, spinning before work in the mornings or on Saturdays. I suspect when we move next month and start living on one floor, it will happen more frequently. Yes, it's finally happening, J and I are downsizing to an apartment just a few miles from here.  Right now I'm in overwhelm mode - just thinking about 19 years of stuff we have both accumulated since moving to this house.

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