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Well DANG it's been a long time:)!

 Honestly, I don't know where to begin! When I last posted a year and three quarters ago, I was grieving for what our country had become - and I still have those worries and concerns.  I'm still an older person with a bad attitude, but a few things have happened in the past year and a half, none of which have softened my bad attitude at all, LOL:)! When last I left you, I was working on a bunch of projects, trying to keep afloat while working virtually, and dealing with a few relatively minor health issues.  Unfortunately those health issues took center stage last November when I was diagnosed with uterine cancer.   Oh well, one deals.  It was not particularly horrible. I have the incredible good fortune to live in Maryland, between Baltimore and Washington, D.C. As a result, by mid-December I spent a night at Johns Hopkins Hospital and parted company with my reproductive organs with ZERO pain. Yes, I mean it - zero pain. And minimal opioids. I never took so much as a tylenol (

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