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Spring? Ahead

Last Saturday night began Daylight Savings Time in the US (or most of it, anyway).  Of late, it seems to start about a month earlier in the year than it used to, making for colder, darker mornings and longer brighter days (at least when it's not raining or sometimes snowing).  But it's still cold around here.  Spring does eventually come and when it does, it's fairly quick.  But for now.... not so much.  Losing an hour's sleep on top of (in my case) having to take one of my adult kids to the airport before dawn when it was very very cold, made for an exhausting day at church the next day when the bells were scheduled to play at two of the morning services.  Frankly, I was surprised at how tired I was.  Normally, I just suck it up and go to bed early, but I was barely functioning.  This meant a pizza dinner for the family get-together - and no one complained:). A nasty cough that developed afterward- just a cold, but one that knocked me down a bit physically - solved the…

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