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A very Brief Post

Today was a relatively quiet day, despite a very heartbreakingly dramatic moment in court this morning in a matter in which I was not involved. I still felt pretty rotten when I left, for the young person who was so badly emotionally scarred and physically sick from this cold.  The cold I could do something about, so I did something I don't normally do: went to the doctor - well, not the doctor, exactly, the little "Minute Clinic" in our local CVS store.  Got some meds to help me out (turned down the codeine-laced cough syrup) and came home. I didn't have much energy, so after finishing up some phone calls and emails and paperwork and getting off work at the end of the day, I decided to organize my blog feed on Since google reader shut down, I've been using this and it's been good.  So I went through the 300 or so blogs I was following and weeded them down to about 150, 112 of which (not counting my own) are about knitting if you can believe that…


Wow - that was quite a weekend:)! (Oh dear, this is not sounding quite the way I intended....) On Saturday, I got to rehearse with Nancy S., Tom H. and Drew C. for our Mardi Gras "gig" at St. Pete's March 4th.  It was a lot of fun, but John's back is not up to a lot of lifting and our adult son was either asleep or at work, so I did a lot of carrying some rather heavy pieces up the basement stairs.  Thankfully, the rest of the "band" helped me out at the church, but I was quite sore by the time it was all over. Even with that, I always have so much fun playing music, so it was well worth it!   The drums you see pictured above were quite nice.  Nicer than any I've had before - and far more drums than I am used to playing! I said to the kind person who gave them to me that it was like driving a Cadillac. When I was 13, I got a bass drum - with pedal, a snare drum, and crash cymbal that attached to the bass drum.  Later, they added pieces - a floor tom-to…

Let There Be Light

The sun is out! Hooray:) But the driveway/street are clogged. Boo. I am inside, having rescheduled my two client visits for today.  No hearings, so I am playing it safe and staying home.  Tomorrow will be nuts, making up what I didn't do today, but that's Ohhh Kayyy. Live to fight another day. But HERE's something I could do.  It would make the DH very happy, of course he needs to work on his area, too, but his is much much more organized.  Any mess is most likely the fault of yours truly.
So the weekend of knitting is over and I had a lovely time.  Not that knitting isn't over, LOL - as if! But prior to my return to the Land of the "Normal," it was fun for a couple of reasons:(1) that I knit what I wanted to knit and (2) I started a couple of new projects about which I will tell  you below. I also cleaned up some of my ravelry stuff - left about 60 groups whose message boards I wasn't even beginning to read, reorganized the ones I stayed in and added/upd…

That was the year that was. This is the year that is to be. (Oh man, that was brilliant!)

Happy New Year, everyone! Can it really be a year since I last blogged? Well, not exactly-more like 5 months- but it feels like it, so I'm going to summarize my high and low points for 2013:). So much has happened and there have been so many times that I've wanted to pull everything together into a new post, but life got in the way. I will say that with my forays into Facebook since 2009, I have blogged a lot less, mainly because I can stay in touch with many of you on that venue - more quickly and more up to date.  But I still enjoy reading other knitters' blogs and listening to knitting podcasts.  (Only you knitters out there will understand this strange passion we have for the subject.  The rest of you - I can hear you rolling your eyes!!)
2013 was a very eventful year.  My husband, John, started out with a recurrence of the badly deteriorated discs acting up early in the year.  The shots that had worked before no longer did the trick.  His job requires almost 8 full ho…