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Where to even begin. Boring navel-gazing nerd alert!

I am in the midst of changing what has become a bad habit.  It is not a gut-wrenching addiction yet, but it could easily become one. Addictions run in my family.  Rather, they gallop. My former stepmonster had a wicked case of alcoholism. The adults in my family rarely skimped on the hooch. i have to watch what we eat because there is a tendency to run rampant through whatever goodies sit in front of me. I am grateful that bariatric surgery has helped enormously with that issue.  Even yarn and knitting patterns have become somewhat of an addiction to me, albeit fairly benign ones. 
Though the weight loss surgery has helped in a number of areas, I have found of late that I am much more affected by alcohol - my drink of choice being red wine and not much else - than I ever was in the past. Gastric bypass did not leave me with the "juices" and enzymes in the stomach I used to have. As a result, alcohol goes right to the bloodstream undiluted.  It packs quite a whallop. It puts …

Back in the harness....

Well not at the moment.  It is a holiday weekend and the courts are closed.  But I did visit nine clients yesterday, so I guess it counts as having worked, since it did take me darn near all day.   I love the road in the picture above.  It's Hillside Drive in Baltimore County, Merlin, just outside of Bawlmer City in the country-ish part of the suburbs. I love this road because summer or winter, you have this long ride down the middle of a suburban wood and the trees create a canopy over you. On a cloudy afternoon like this past Friday, the hues of the verdant woods are so much more vibrant.  The Beltway had slowed down to a parking lot (accident possibly), so I took my favorite back road to the Towson courthouse. Some of my happiest times are spent listening to JS Bach (remember, he's my true boyfriend, just don't tell Mrs. B) and driving down this road - although I have to admit, the happiest moments are when I am traveling in the other direction because I'm done for…

A quiet life.

Today started early and cloudy and humid and blah. John had a doctor's appointment at 7:45 and we got up early and went to it.  I was with him because he can't drive yet and it is still difficult for him to get around. When we got back, we had a fairly quiet morning, and then John went upstairs for a little snooze.  I had decided it might be a good idea to take a large man-made fiber quilt/comforter that really needed it for a wash at a local laundromat as he slept. It wasn't a tough job by any stretch, but it did require a bit of sitting in the laundromat and knitting.  A tough job, but somebody had to do it. I worked a little bit on the armholes for the back of the "Natalie Tank/Tee" and watched the heartbreaking news stories coming from Tornado Alley in Oklahoma, Texas and apparently up the center of the country all the way north to Madison, Wisconsin! Those poor folks who lost children and family members and beloved pets and all their worldly possessions! In t…

Holy blogger Batman!

Two in two days! Has the woman gone mad?:)

Not much really new to post, just an update.  Today I finally went back to sing with the choir and ring with the bells for the last official choir Sunday - with few exceptions - until September. Today was Pentecost, or Whitsunday - the commemoration of the day the Holy Spirit descended upon the infant Christian Church. The bells played some fun pieces that were not too terribly challenging, but pretty and ethereal.  The choir sang two favorites of mine: a rendition of Thomas Tallis' If Ye Love Me, but rendered as Send Forth Thy Spirit; and Lux Beattisima by Howard Helvey- a more modern piece, but beautiful and also very ethereal. Here is a link to a lovely rendition of the piece sung by the San Joaquin Chorale:). 
There was something terribly bittersweet about this morning and singing those two pieces especially.  First, dear Nancy was back, on the mend from her surgery in mid-April. We are so spoilt by her excellent organ playing - but …

Springtime for Merlin

Cannot believe it's been over five months since last I blogged.  Betcha it's Facebook and Twitter and all that instantaneous crap that keeps me from this much more thoughtful process.  Yet it is blogging that provides so much more personal satisfaction. A lot of things have happened in five months, and yet not much:).  And the pictures that populate this post point out that a lot of knitting has been going on. And a lot of that knitting relates to events that have been going on in the state of Fugue, so why not talk about each bit of knitting and incorporate the life part as we go? How 'bout we start with the things I've finished since January? The first thing you see here is a project I started February 3rd or thereabouts and finished May 1st. It is a pattern I developed by myself - Raspberry Fields,  the second shawl of its kind.  I loved the color of the Berroco Alpaca yarn and had to knit something pretty in it.  When I learned my dear friend Nancy had an 8-inch mass…

Interim 1/6/13

It was a lovely sunny morning here in beautiful Ellicott City, Merlin, USA.  Not a cloud in the sky.  I was supposed to be singing with the choir at the 9:00 service, but my mouth was still a little sore and my upper lip a bit swollen from some repairs made to some dental work, so I decided to head down to the local coffee shop for some caffeine and part of a bagel as I looked out the window at the interesting traffic on main street.