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Not much really new to post, just an update.  Today I finally went back to sing with the choir and ring with the bells for the last official choir Sunday - with few exceptions - until September. Today was Pentecost, or Whitsunday - the commemoration of the day the Holy Spirit descended upon the infant Christian Church. The bells played some fun pieces that were not too terribly challenging, but pretty and ethereal.  The choir sang two favorites of mine: a rendition of Thomas Tallis' If Ye Love Me, but rendered as Send Forth Thy Spirit; and Lux Beattisima by Howard Helvey- a more modern piece, but beautiful and also very ethereal. Here is a link to a lovely rendition of the piece sung by the San Joaquin Chorale:). 

There was something terribly bittersweet about this morning and singing those two pieces especially.  First, dear Nancy was back, on the mend from her surgery in mid-April. We are so spoilt by her excellent organ playing - but what many don't realize is what a good conductor she is to us in the choir.  We missed her very much!  As I said in a previous post, we had some good people come in and sub for her, but in the end, it wasn't Nancy. So having her back, safe and sound, albeit minus one kidney, was a blessing for all of us. 

The past few months have really brought home the fragility of life.  There was Nancy's cancer surgery, and John's debilitating back pain and surgery.  And at the end of April another dear friend remembered his only son's birthday - a beautiful, intelligent boy who died at best under mysterious circumstances and whose death devastated his devoted father and family.  There is no pat answer to this, except that I do believe that there is more to existence than this life. Some believe in God and some sort of organized religion.  I am one of those, but others do not and who am I to impose any of my beliefs on them? It's funny, the older I get, the less it matters to me if someone believes as I do. What truly matters is how kind, how good they are. 

After playing the first service, I went home and made sure John was OK, then went back for the second service with the bell choir only. We then had a baby shower for one of our members and her husband whose baby is due any minute now. It was lovely having a chance to sit and chat with all of them and to share in the couple's joy at this soon-to-be miracle.

When I left the shower I went to the store and bought a gift for our granddaughter, Ruby's birthday.  She's eight this week.:) All six of our offspring were present this evening. Danny and his friend, Dana, made dinner for John and me last night, which was really lovely, but sadly Dana had to head back to NYC this afternoon. Ruby loved her gift, John maintained his energy levels long enough to make it to the end of the visits/birthday bash, and a good time was had by all.:)

I just finished typing up some information to a very capable attorney who is covering all my cases for tomorrow morning. I am off until Wednesday to be sure John is able to be safe at home for short periods alone. It's tough when you cannot bend, twist or lift anything over 8 pounds! Yet he has managed to do a lot for someone who previously could not function for the pain.

On the knitting front, I worked on the Natalie Tee and did a bit of the armhole shaping for the back and added a few more rows to Renee Leverington, Anniversary Mystery Shawl 2013 Clue Two. 

Last night, I did not get much sleep, nor did poor John.  He was up about four times in the night and when he got back to sleep talked pretty much in his sleep the whole time. No wonder he's exhausted! No wonder I'm exhausted! :) Inch by inch, he is getting better, though. And Heaven only knows, I need the exercise!:)
On that note, I will sign off and wish you, dear reader or readers, a safe and peaceful night - and
God be with you 'til we meet again+

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