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Every Child Deserves a Team

In my work, I'm often considered to be a member of a "team."  My clients often have medical, mental health, or educational issues and at times I attend meetings on behalf of my clients to determine what patchwork of services will best assist him or her to become the best they can be under the sometimes heartbreaking circumstances in which they find themselves.  For many of my clients, when they turn 18 or 21 and leave, are "kicked out," or age out of the foster care/independent living "system," their "team" disappears and they are alone.  Utterly alone.  If they are lucky, there is at least one other seasoned adult in each of their worlds who will help them navigate the waters of adulthood: love, marriage, education, career, even about practical things like how to make a collect call from a payphone. Yesterday, I eased my lazy butt out of bed a few hours earlier than I usually do on a Saturday morning.  After my usual morning ablations and at…

Unsettled and grateful

It's a cloudy, threatening-to-be rainy Tuesday.  I'm caught up with paperwork for the office and have a few things to do in terms of readying myself (or my proxies) for Thursday's hearings. The morning has been a flurry of phone calls about flights and hotel reservations and who is paying for what. It's fine, that's how life happens and it's really OK.  Or perhaps better stated, let's not get into the details of what I cannot control:)
Last night I stayed up late, chilling out, watching some tv, listening to a couple of knitting podcasts and working on the Westerwick cardigan for Nancy. Something has been brewing in my brain over the past week or so and finally at about 3 a.m. when I toddled up to bed (after falling asleep in the chair downstairs, LOL), that I had it all wrong.  I decided to be happy. And grateful.  Was it Abraham Lincoln who said that most folks are about as happy as they decide to be? I think (with a huge caveat) for the most part he was r…

That's what I'm talking about:)

Of course I think he's just perfect and don't you dare tell me otherwise.  Never mind the sweater that Gram knit him is just a little too big.  He'll grow into it (with lots of layers underneath). He's obviously loving the attention from his Mommy:) as Daddy takes the picture! But like most toddlers, he's raring to go and get into anything he can get his hands on. Just had to share:) Tonight I participated in a mediation and it went very well. Tomorrow I should find out the particulars for a trip to Austin, TX, get my work in order, and get ready for the trip (i.e. ironing and packing).  Please PLEASE let me get done in time to make it to bell practice - I'd really miss not having any music this week. (Spoiled am I?) The big question is which knitting project to bring along for the evenings.  Ah I lead such an exciting life! Wouldn't have it any other way:) God be with you 'til we meet again! +

Quietly working my way through Sunday

Last night was lovely. I saw the Concert Artists of Baltimore, with Edward Polochick and the orchestra.  They sang a relatively obscure work of Robert Schumann's - the Missa Sacra.  It was a stellar performance by the singers (of whom Alison E and Diane L are friends - I'm so proud:)) and the instrumentalists as well.  Apparently this work was composed approximately two years before Herr Schumann was institutionalized for mental illness.  What a terrible waste! Thank God for meds today! The second work we heard/saw was a Schumann Piano Concerto and another outstanding performance by Ann Schein of Peabody fame. She was amazing!  Then home, to bed and up for music and church this morning. I didn't screw up too terribly badly with the flute, but I know I need to practice a lot more than I have been. Well, nobody shot me, so I guess it was ok. The choir started on a couple of Christmas pieces after the service and that's always fun.
On the knitting front I forgot to post yest…

And we're baaaaack (again!)

Hello dear what now must be 1.1 readers, LOL! Life has just gotten in the way lately and I honestly don't know where to begin. In the last two months, I have been busy with work and family and friends and church and music - all good things, thank goodness:)
Catching up: Let's see, my oldest brother, Dan is with us and we are glad to have him around! The grandgirls think he's the best thing since sliced bananas and when he's not here for whatever reason, they are always disappointed:)! Isn't it funny how family can be? Dan and I haven't lived in the same place for well over 34 years and, save a few minor adjustments (i.e. we are a LOT more polite to each other than we were as kids), it's as comfortable as if we were still kids. Hopefully he feels the same way, LOL!
We learned our next grandchild will be a boy and he's due on Valentine's Day - will be joining an older, but still a baby, brother.
I've gained a ridiculous amount of weight and have reso…