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As I was getting up this morning to start my workday, the dear husband was coming home from work.  He is pulling a longer-than-usual workweek for a variety of scheduling reasons this week (and a half), so we are basically ships passing on most days.  Before crashing, he showed me a cover of today's Wall Street Journal  and told me that a similar article was on the front page of  The Washington Post I also found something similar in The New York TimesThe picture to the right is from the Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation (Preservation Virginia) and shows the painstaking work of recovering the bodies buried on the site of the old church in Jamestown. Why all the interest? American students are taught in the early years of grade school about the Pilgrims making their way to Plymouth Rock in 1620, about the year of suffering and death all by wiping out that colony in the New World, and subsequent harvest, feast and celebration, giving rise to what we call our Thanksgiving Day in the…