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Spring Hath Sprung and Happy Bearthday!

Or perhaps one can say it's peeking around the corner, hesitantly moving forward in fits and starts:).  That's OK - I'll take it!
The past week or so has been pretty much same old same old. Not a whole bunch to report, except I did finally finish the Bright Sweater! That last sleeve took sooooo long to finish. I have to laugh - I thought for sure by the time I was done with the thing, I'd have to wait until next year to wear it.  Nope.  I wore it yesterday until the temperatures finally hit 60 degrees F/16 degrees C.  It fit fine, though I would have been happy to have been a bit smaller myself:).

And hey, it folds well:).  

I should continue working on the next thing in my Ravelry cue, but was tempted to work on another purply item:
It's the Nathaniel Sweater by Michele Wang - Volume III of the knit.wear Wool Studio series put out by Interweave Press. This volume features Michele Wang's incredible designs.  I may have mentioned this in previous blog posts.  I am a…

There's this Earning A Living thing going on...

Which is why I don't have much to report regarding knitting progress.  I am about to begin the fifth pattern repeat (of seven) on the left sleeve of the Bright Sweater.  After that is done all that is left to do is weaving in the very few ends to be woven in and then blocking.  So, I am setting myself a goal of finishing this thing tonight!
Of course, with Spring finally showing up this week (do I hear a Hallelujah?!!), it is unlikely I will wear this sweater for six months or so.  After this is done, I will set my efforts to finishing the Carbeth, which has been briefly (ahem) set aside until this current project is finished.  

The stash expansion has continued. 

In this day of "knitting from your stash" and de-cluttering, I seem to be swimming against the tide and heading toward (if not already at) SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy).  How can anyone know what one's life expectancy might be or how much one will be able to knit in one's lifetime? I do …

An Embarrassment of Riches and Stash Enhancement:)

Oh boy... what a week it's been on the knitting front.  Am in the home stretch for the Bright Sweater (finally!) with four more repeats of the sleeve patterning for the second (left) sleeve and then the twisted stitch ribbing and stockinette roll at the cuff.  I actually tried it on and - who knew?- it will fit! This sweater is meant to be extremely over-sized for a petite woman.  Since I am already over-sized, it fits pretty darn well. I am not complaining.  I have enough over-sized sweaters.
Despite being incredibly (for me) monogamous lately - most likely because I haven't had as many opportunities to knit in the last month or so - I have worked on a few other projects and yesterday began a new one (as I usually do right after our bi-annual yarn swaps, but I am getting ahead of myself).
I often take some bit of knitting with me on Sundays when I spend two services in the choir loft playing bells.  There's the homily (Rector, this helps me listen better, I promise) and the…

I heard a rumor that Spring is coming

Or so they say:).  I am doing the one thing I never liked: not attending church the Sunday after the holiday - so lazy of me.  It's hard to believe it's only one week since Easter, which in the western church tradition was last Sunday. Today is Easter for the Orthodox and Eastern rite Catholics.  Happy Easter to you:)!  What a couple of weeks it has been - and with rare exception, cold and rainy.  Yesterday we were supposed to get snow.  In April. In Merlin. That never happens. Thankfully it didn't.
What follows are my thoughts about my church community.  Knitting and other content will follow in my next post. So if this stuff bores you to tears (I understand:)), you might wish to skip this post.
Backing up a bit, I thought I'd share some highlights of the weeks. First, the full moon after which we celebrate Easter.  This shot is appropriately near an ancient tree in the graveyard next to St. J's: And this is a view of some of the stained glass windows backlit from insi…