There's this Earning A Living thing going on...

Which is why I don't have much to report regarding knitting progress.  I am about to begin the fifth pattern repeat (of seven) on the left sleeve of the Bright Sweater.  After that is done all that is left to do is weaving in the very few ends to be woven in and then blocking.  So, I am setting myself a goal of finishing this thing tonight!

Of course, with Spring finally showing up this week (do I hear a Hallelujah?!!), it is unlikely I will wear this sweater for six months or so.  After this is done, I will set my efforts to finishing the Carbeth, which has been briefly (ahem) set aside until this current project is finished.  

The stash expansion has continued. 

In this day of "knitting from your stash" and de-cluttering, I seem to be swimming against the tide and heading toward (if not already at) SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy).  How can anyone know what one's life expectancy might be or how much one will be able to knit in one's lifetime? I do have some hope of exercising a level of frugality with it all, however.  My plan is to pull the entire stash out of the basement, re-organize and cull any additional yarn I won't likely knit to be set aside for the next Yarn Swap and/or donations. This "airing of the stash" is going to occur sometime in the first full week of May - after the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. At least that is my goal.

Knitting and other craft books are another story. When presented with the ability to add to my library, I rarely say no. And so it was yesterday. These two books have been around for a while, but they are put out by Rowan and are therefore worth acquiring, in my opinion.  Your mileage, as they say, may vary:).

Those, too, will eventually be culled.  More likely than not, I will hang on to the reference books and give away the pattern collections with a few exceptions. But that will be further out in the future.

I should have time for this.  After all, my children are grown and we are down to a load or two of wash per day.  When there were eight of us living under one roof, the daily total was usually five to eight loads.   I can do wash with my brain on silent - I used to have five baskets - one for the occupants of each of four bedrooms and the fifth for the linen closet. I would fold and toss into the appropriate basked like dealing cards in Vegas.

Work takes up most of my daytime hours - as it should.  They are not paying me to sit around, of course.  And of course, other than family (and of course, one's Higher Power), it takes first place. Recently, work has taken more of my time for no particular reason.  It just happens. So, not much to show in terms of progress, but I am glad for the stash enhancement.

Today started out as a busy workday, but due to a variety of circumstances, my schedule completely emptied and other than the requisite Things To Do Around the House, and picking up dry cleaning, I have been blessed with some knitting contemplative time for which I am very grateful.  Tomorrow (Sunday) I have to travel to Merlin's Eastern Shore to visit a client, so I will be missing church (and choir). I might try to attend a church of my denomination near the client just for a bit of variety. It couldn't hurt:). 

The weather today is just beautiful.  There is a lovely breeze, the temperature is at 83 degrees Fahrenheit/28 degrees Celsius.  A variety of beautiful birds are indulging at the feeders and all manner of pansies, bluebells and dandelions are sprouting up in the grass.  It will be a shame when the mower has to come out.

Well, I'm off to run an errand or two.  Back again soon, I hope.
God be with you 'til we meet again+

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