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Slow Going and "Giving UP"

As you will soon see, dear 3.5 readers, the title belies the true intent of this post:).  The baby blankie for Kristin and Sonny's baby is growing at about the same rate of the baby as you can see. And as you can also probably see, my desk isn't getting any neater!  I am able to do about five to ten rows a day.  For now that's ok. But it is driving me a little crazy.  I think Colin has a point.  When one starts too many projects, one forgets where one is, especially in these patterned things.  So... I have decided (for now) to focus primarily on three of my projects: (1) the ribbon lace scarf for Donna (hopefully will be done while there's still a use for it!; (2) the Daily Sweater for moi (even I need to keep warm some times, LOL); and (3) this blankie.  As (1) and (2) are finished, I shall add in two more to replace them - most likely something for SWMBO's birthday and another ongoing project!

Since Tuesday evening, I've been very busy - not getting a lot done…

I love nancy

Have you ever seen a really truly good person in action? I did tonight. At bell prax, we were all standing around while our director, Nancy, handed out new (Easter/Lent) music. Stupid me - I started talking about news cameras at the courthouse today (had to file something and today was the deadline). The trial they were covering was about these horrors disguised as human beings who starved one of their children to death. These were not people who couldn't afford food - in fact they had other children they were feeding quite well, thank you. The father says he was hardly ever home - the wife did it - she's crazy. So what's his excuse - he's evil? You would think he'd notice even more after an extended absence that something was amiss. Anyway our conversation up in the choir loft went on like this for a few minutes. And then I noticed that Indigo (who plays bells right next to me) was now Halo. And I knew I had just done it! I felt so bad raising the very same abuse …


Well, I'm done with my work for this week and I'm hanging out at home, chillin' away.  I'm planning on a quiet evening at home tonight because it seems like every other night this week has been busy and the weekend shows no sign of letting up:)!
After court this morning, I got home, and settled in with Part II of EZ's Knitting Workshop DVD, while working on what you see to the right. Yes, as the picture and part of the mosaic you see here show, I've been starting up some baby projects, with an idea to actually finishing them this year before the baby gets here.  I really like this yarn - it's Cotton Candy, DK-weight cotton yarn produced by Magic Garden.  It's cotton, and knits up like cotton.  I love the color - a kind of bluish-grey - the photo is fairly accurate. I'm knitting the Lacy Shawl from Debbie Bliss' Essential Baby.  It looks somewhat daunting, but I've cut the size a bit to make it more realistic for this ADHD  knitter!  Plus, I&#…

Now where were we?

The past two days have been rather nice, if tiring.  I think I finally crashed today! The huge majority of my visits have been completed and I have five percent left to do - the troublesome five percent that I will have to work twice as hard to get done!  But employment is a good thing, so I'm not complaining.  Since my last post, dear readers, I have had some fun, too.  Yesterday morning, I was dressed and all set to head out the door, hose, makeup, (clothes - hell yes) briefcase packed, ready for court, when I realized I had not downloaded and  printed out a responsory pleading I was supposed to file that morning for a colleague. Yikes.  So, before heading out the door, I sat down at the computer and accessed my e-mails whence this document had come. And what to my wondering eyes should appear but a miniature e-mail saying "no shelters, dear." (OK, enough with the references to the Night Before Christmas).  There were no shelter  hearings, in fact there was to be no doc…

Full of Hope and Sunshine!

When last I left you, dear readers (whatever number you are), I had just finished celebrating an abstract concept - time on this earth and in this body - really an artificial construct, when you think about it - for what is time? A passage marked by the beating of the heart? The seasons? Milestones of biology?
Every time I think about time, my mind returns to music - which one might (MIGHT) argue, does not exist without time. And I think about a piece titled, "Quartet for the End of Time" by Olivier Messiaen. An excellent discussion of his work appears here. Messiaen composed the first parts of this work while incarcerated in a Nazi prison camp. The context of the piece is the last book of the now-existing Christian Bible: the Book of Revelation - and it refers to the moment when an angel announces that "time shall be no more." He and two (or three?) fellow prisoners actually performed this for the other inmates of the camp - in other words people for whom the abst…

I am now the speed limit in the USA

Well, who knew?  Tomorrow I turn 55:) It feels like this entire weekend has been a party and I'm not complaining! 
Last night was lovely - we all had an amazing meal and I was the happy recipient of a beautiful card and a bottle of red wine - which I am now enjoying:) Everyone (I think - so they tell me) really enjoyed Simon Birch.  I knew then that I had friends who think, at least partly, as I do.  I just love that movie because for me it's about two things:  primarily it's about faith and secondarily that one simply cannot judge another human being on outward appearances.  If you haven't seen this movie, I guarrantee, you will be uplifted.  It was worth every minute of the 2 hours (give or take) it took to see it. Today was bell choir day - and we played both services.  I really enjoy the bell choir because even if my voice gives out a bit, I can still do my part for the music.  After the second service I walked with Nancy and it was WONDERFUL! The weather was perfect…

OK, Enough with the Politics - back to knitting and other things:)!

Hello, dear 3.5 readers! Hope things have been well with you.  It's been a little while since I last posted and my knitting has been really catch-as-catch-can -- more so than most weeks.  I have been on a visiting clients blitz - some catching up and some getting ready for upcoming hearings. In the past few weeks, I've seen over 40 clients - a very good thing. Last week has had its ups and downs, a case was closed that I felt needed more time for the child to adjust, but other clients did very well. Things at work are OK for now, but in the current economic atmosphere, nothing is ever certain.  I still have hope, though and take one day at a time. Bell practice went well.  We started a couple of new, more challenging pieces - unnerving, but in a good way, LOL!  Choir was wonderful - we're working on the Bach Cantata No. 4 (Christ Lag' in Todesbanden) for Easter.  Way cool.  I even put together a German pronunciation guide for the choir which can be found here.  Hopefull…

A Friend of mine's first editorial - what do you think of this subject? I'd be interested to know. Reprinted with permission.

HUMPHREY: Facing a resurgent Russia from The Washington Times

Monday Monday Monday

Well today was a fairly productive day! It started out slowly, but picked up pace a bit.  My very kind co-worker covered the one hearing I had this morning (uneventful, so I didn't feel too bad about it) and I went to a meeting in Ellicott City, a family team decisionmaking meeting at DSS, and then two visits in short order thereafter.  Before I went out, I actually was able to return some phone calls and begin scheduling some other visits.  OK, this is not interesting, but it did feel good to accomplish some things earlier in the day!The first meeting was with a reporter for our state Bar Association's newsletter - an interview about the Orchestra of St. John's .  And thank goodness Concertmaster, Organizer and generall mover and shaker (and I call him the world-famous) Ron Mutchnik was there - he really has a vision for this Orchestra and was far better able to discuss intelligently what they are doing than I ever will be! He speaks music fluently and expresses easily th…