Now where were we?

The past two days have been rather nice, if tiring.  I think I finally crashed today! The huge majority of my visits have been completed and I have five percent left to do - the troublesome five percent that I will have to work twice as hard to get done!  But employment is a good thing, so I'm not complaining.  Since my last post, dear readers, I have had some fun, too.  Yesterday morning, I was dressed and all set to head out the door, hose, makeup, (clothes - hell yes) briefcase packed, ready for court, when I realized I had not downloaded and  printed out a responsory pleading I was supposed to file that morning for a colleague. Yikes.  So, before heading out the door, I sat down at the computer and accessed my e-mails whence this 
document had come. And what to my wondering eyes should appear but a miniature e-mail saying "no shelters, dear." (OK, enough with the references to the Night Before Christmas).  There were no shelter 
hearings, in fact there was to be no dockets at all because the Courthouse  Was Closed Due to a 
Power Outtage.  Apparently the wind was pretty durn strong here in Merlin and a power source was "blowed daown." 
Awww what a shame - all dressed up and no place to go.... and me, needing shoes
Don't you just HATE when that happens?
Mind you, I am NOT one of those women who go out and buy shoes all the time.  First of al,l if you saw my ankles you'd say "Oh Lord, bring back the prairie skirts! PLEASE!!" Second, who in real life has that kind of moolah? Finally, I am not a shoe person.  I wear a pair of shoes until they get holes in them, one or both heels break, or they commit suicide because the stench is unbearable. (Ew that was TMI).  John, the sweetheart that he is (or as disgusted as he was, probably) said it was time and I was going to get some shoes for my birthday.  I suggested I go by myself on a day that I wasn't so tired and at a time where my feet had not been IN the shoes all day long (in other words, have mercy on the store clerk!) So I took advantage of my newfound Time Off and (1) watched some of EZ's Knitting Workshop DVD 
my DD B gave me for my birthday (OH YES SHE DID!!) and (2) changed into something
more comfortable and went to the mall to buy me some shoes.  The timing was good.  The shoes weren't half bad and there was a Sale:) I got a pair of conservative black shoes, a pair of ankle length boot type shoes and a reddish pair of lightweight lacy shoes for warmer weather.  
 some point during the day, I did take a mental inventory of UFOs-I'm-currently-working-on.
The Daily Sweater is still swimming in yards and yards of stockinette (now why do I want to say 
"yellow yarn?" Must be that Electric Company piece reprised by Knitty Mcknitnit :)

The lace ribbon scarf is zigzagging along:) and I swear those socks are beginning to multiply in that bag! Can't say much about the other picture - top secret little person plans! shhhhhhhhhh Recent drops in the temperature after a week of spring weather have prompted me to knit myself a neck warmer - it actually does keep one warm - who knew? Inspired by the beautifully simple one done by Robin L - a fellow Sip'nKnitter - I decided to do something similar.  I modified it a little bit - knitting in the round in a very soft pink and varying the pattern just a little by twisting the knit stitches in the middle ten rounds or so - I should be done with that tomorrow. After all this fun and frolic was done, it was time to do a couple of visits I'd already scheduled for that afternoon and then onward to choir practice.  We had a good, productive practice and a little "Valentine's day" party.  It was nice to socialize for a bit, but I felt it was best to get home rather than stay for the entire time, since I really did have to get up for court the next morning and I rather doubted the power outtage would last for more than one day.  
In fact, it only lasted about an hour, LOL:)!
This morning, I was up bright and early and on the road, actually getting to court early for a change - really nice! The hearing was fine and uneventful.  I filed that paperwork I was supposed to file yesterday, picked up our courier package at the clerk's office and headed home
, having an interesting encounter with a homeless woman on the way.  It actually was interesting because for once it wasn't someone who was obviously mentally ill nor did she appear to be in need of a fix.  I didn't know why she was panhandling and I didn't ask.  It just didn't seem polite. It was just a friendly conversation as traffic passed - about the weather and how she 
did yesterday in the wind, etc.  Since I was in the traffic, I was the one who left.
Well, why not?
The two visits I thought I had today fell through for different reasons- so I'm rescheduling them of course.  When I got home I thought I'd chill out for a while and get some knitting done and ended up falling asleep in the chair.  Times like that if I can, I listen to what my body is telling
 me, so I fell asleep.  When I woke up, John was getting up.  I finished watching the video, then finished up e-mail responses and a couple of reports and that was that.
Ok, you can wake up now...
Another interesting thing that happened today was getting an advance copy of the interview I 
mentioned a couple of weeks ago - the one in the bar association bulletin about the Orchestra of St. Johns.  I figured it would be a little blurb, but it was an article on PAGE TWO! Yikes! Patrick T made me sound a lot better than I really am - 
while he was interviewing me, I swear I kept referring back to the orchestra and how important classical music is for kids and families and Ron, who was there to make sure I didn't screw up on the more technical points, really drove home some excellent points about the accoustics in the church and the numbers of musicians and, well, DD S said something to the effect that I never played classical music in the house when she was growing up and I reminded her that I did, but was often outvoted. Oh well! I just hope the article gets more in the door to see them at the March 15th concert - the orchestra then will sell itself - it really is that good!
Well, tomorrow is going to be a bit of work with the choir - some of us are doing lunch for the kids doing Discovery Weekend - a youth retreat at the church - Nancy and Susan F have bought the victuals (hot dogs and other goodies) and we are to prepare them.  Usually the kitchen is a scene of a lot of joking and fun, so I'm looking forward to it!
Until next time, GBWYTWMA!


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