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And the beat goes on and on...:)

But in a good way:)! I am enjoying the knitting for this Honeybaby blanket.  I bought the pattern directly from Anne Hanson's Knitspot website many moons ago when I was on hyper alert for all things lacey and pretty and before she became the yarn and design maven she is today. Sadly, I never really had the opportunity until now to actually knit it.  I am not knitting it in any of Anne's yarns because this is for a Floridian baby and it will never be cold enough to need wool.  However, I will say that if I ever have the chance to knit something in any of her beautiful wools, I will.  My brief experience in her booth at Maryland Sheep and Wool this May certainly convinced me of that!

 I am a bit antsy, because I am supposed to have it finished a week from Monday (9 days from now) and am still in the first quarter.  I did not have as much knitting time this week as I would have liked, but today will probably get a good 4-6 hours worth in, because it's a Saturday and I didn&#…

One note wonder:)

Whenever I am working on a project with a deadline, that's what my knitting feels like, LOL! I am in the midst of knitting Honeybaby by Anne Hanson of Knitspot fame and what a well-written, beautiful, never boring pattern it is! However, it is a lot of knitting, so it's all I work on when I'm not working:)!
I cannot wait to see how this turns out.  I'm using KnitPicks Cot-Lin in Swann - and the tone of the white is just right - not blindingly bright nor too yellowed.  Hoping the new mother will enjoy it and that it holds up for many years to come.
My other summer projects were moving along - Drachenfels is now in the home stretch 
And I restarted On the Spice Market with yarns I felt were closer to the original:
And made a wee bit of progress before the Cot-Lin arrived for the baby blankie project. Ah that's better!:) All put away as I work on Honebaby....
Here in Merlin, summer is in full swing.  My daughter's herb and flower "deck garden" is coming…

Confession time

No, I don't have anything really horrible to confess. Did you think I'd tell you if I did? NOT. Anyway, I will confess a couple of things: 1) I never made it to that client visit this morning.  I got as far as Hagerstown, about an hour plus away from home and it was bumper to bumper traffic. Nope.  Not going to take 4 plus hours on a holiday weekend to maybe get to see a client.  So I called and asked to reschedule for a week later.  No problem. So, 2)
What's a lawyer to do?
You guessed it. A trip on the way home to a LYS called The Knot House in Frederick, Maryland, er Merlin...The yarn was 40 percent off, which brought it back to 2002 price levels, LOL:)  I am always on the lookout for a good US size 5 circular needle, and Pompom Quarterly.  I mean, Pompom could I resist?

As Ricky Ricardo used to say, I had a lot of 'splainin to do when i got home, but hopefully, I won't be in divorce court any time soon.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. An…

Summertime Summertime sumsumSummertime:)

To my fellow Murrikans, I wish you a Happy Independence Day weekend. Here on the mid-Atlantic seaboard, it is a beautiful day.  As I sit here typing, just before leaving out to visit a client who is placed way out in farthest reaches of Western Merlin, mapquest directions and GPS in hand (belt and suspenders!), the house is peaceful.  R is at her weekend job, D, just got back from a weekend with his SO and is chilling out between gigs. 
Life has gone on since my last post, nothing of particular significance - at least no more significant than what has gone on in every life.  Does that stop me from writing about it? Of course not, LOL:)!
Work has gotten a bit busier. We have added a new jurisdiction and a group of us have been nominated to make the trip to that courthouse every so often.  I love a challenge and love to see how other places deal with the various issues in our cases.  And Merlin is one of those states where each county can be very unique in that regard. 
So the knitting.…