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Life, Flying By

At least that's what it feels like lately.  This year I don't have EfM, so my Wednesday evenings are dedicated to prepping for the Thursday docket with  reading and client visits, or, if I am a Very Good Girl and have my work done, I can do the Sip 'n Knit thing.  I finally got enough things done so that this week I went not once but TWICE:) And the second time was a Yarn Swap this morning! I traded in a lot 'o yarn and received back another ton to replace it:) - and some tools and old magazines and books! I now have a copy of yet another of Barbara G. Walker's amazing books - this time of the knitting variety: Knitting from the Top.  (The other one of her books is The Crone: Woman of Age, Wisdom, and Power not a knitting book, but extremely interesting - think I will also get her Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets.) I have enough yarn for a small sweater or vest, another colorwork vest, and about four or five shawls. This will definitely supplement my C…

My knitting is a hydra

No sooner do I finish one project, at least two spring up to take its place:) I have lost count. But here are a few things I've recently started and aim to finish.  Someday:) The Dr. Who Scarf for my dear SIL who has been waiting patiently for two years for me to do it. I've now about doubled the progress shown in this picture.  It's actually been a lot of fun. Lace Shawl #21 from Vogue Knitting Fall 2011 This has been a lot of fun, too, now that I think I've gotten the hang of the lace pattern (It's amazing what not drinking anymore  - well, nothing alcoholic anyway - can do for your lace knitting!) I've wanted to use the light grey yarn in stash for a while and this seemed the perfect opportunity.
I've also made some progress (believe it or not) on the Aranmor for Danny(yes, in Red Heart acrylic "aran" color, so hit me).

And hey, S requested this hat which I started and finished in one night.  Who knew? One of the things they warn you abou…

I Love NY

There used to be an ad campaign with this title. It always seemed so silly to me. Until 9/11. I was born in the New York metropolitan area.  My parents were both native New Yawkas, having grown up within just a few miles of each other.  My maternal relatives were from Brooklyn; my paternal grands were originally from Pittsburgh, then moved to Chicago, then finally settled in New York, my grandfather finding work as a musician that provided a salary, the majority of which was saved in the bank and that fed a family of four through the Depression, when work was scarce for about five years.  Going into "The City" was always a special time.  New York City is so big that it contains five NY Counties - known as "Boroughs." Manhattan Island - or New York County - is the one we always thought of as "The City." The Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and other skyscrapers as they were called, brought a measure of awe to my young mind, even inspiring a le…

Hurricane? What hurricane?

Just a block away from our place, hard to believe - but sure glad we are on TOP of the hill!

Gently Ending

Summer seems to be ending on a gentle note after the havoc of earthquakes and hurricanes.  Labor Day weekend always used to signal the end of summer, harvest and the beginning of the academic year.  This summer flew by - as each one does year after year, taking less time (or so it seems) in the process. I've done quite a bit of driving, as I usually do, visiting clients.  Yesterday I decided (and thankfully the GPS agreed) not to use the Washington Beltway to get to Gaithersburg.  It was a very pleasant ride, filled with the greens that signal the end of summer - greens with just a hint of gold on the horizon. It's still hot outside, but there's a difference. Autumn is coming very soon. Before I continue, I just want to express my gratitude for all the workers who came before us, who gave their energy, their resources (however limited) and for some, their reputation, freedom, and lives, so that the average worker has a chance at a decent way of life.  If not for them, I d…