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OK so I couldn't resist!

Well, today has been a verrrry quiet day! It started with getting up late, some serious shoveling, and back to the computer looking at knitting, yarn, ideas for Christmas for hubby (as if I could ever fool him!) and just an overall lazy day.
But last night, I did get quite a bit of knitting done - or at least it felt like quite a bit for three hours' worth. That little bit 'o sleeve in the lower left of the picture is what I got done last night, which means I have some hope of finishing this thing before Christmas Eve - although my hope was to finish it by today! It's the Portland pattern by Lisa Lloyd from the book, A Fine Fleece( link) reviewed here previously. I have made two changes to the pattern: First, I inserted a "St. John's Cross" pattern between the upper shoulders on the back to personalize the sweater for its recipient; and second, I decided to make it a cardigan rather than a pullover, which will require a button band (or actually an…

Oh the weather outside is frightful

Which means I have no where to go, so let me blog, let me blog, let me blog! Finally, a free moment to slap something down on (virtual) paper! The past few weeks, dear 2.5 and greatly diminishing readers, has been a bit busy. As usual, one has to work for a living and I am grateful to have the job I do, although this week has been a particularly tough one for reasons I do not feel comfortable sharing in a public forum. Let's just say we lost a battle in one situation and the entire war in another.
It's also the end of the calendar year, and, like many, I like to catch up on things at work and get myself organized for next year. That, plus a lot of extra practicing Christmas music (my favorite thing to do) and knitting when I'm not nodding off (my next favorite thing to do) has made for a very busy and full schedule.
Since last we met, dear readers, I have had a number of interesting experiences. The first Saturday in December, a group of us in the choir went Christmas car…

Needing no introduction...

Thank you to the Other Andrew:)

Who said knitting blogs weren't fun?