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Reviving past treasures

What a couple of crazy weeks it's been here in Merlin! The second major flood in two years has yet again threatened to destroy what remains of a beautiful old town.  The main suspect is over-development of the area and consequent lack of absorption of rainwater. If I understand this correctly (and I may not have it all right), past flooding has been the result of rising waters from the Tiber River overflowing into the low lying Main Street. More recent flooding has occurred more from "top-down" - water that cannot soak into the ground due to uphill development of the land rushes downhill into the town. I do know that a number of businesses will not be able to survive two attacks and will either be closing their doors or moving to higher ground.  A shame - the beauty of Old Ellicott City is the cluster of unique whimsical shops.  I've known a number of people who travel there once or twice a year from all over the state to enjoy a day of shopping, lunch or dinner, an…