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Guess who's going to be taking the STAIRS at court?

According to WBAL-TV in Baltimore, one of the eight elevators in the Bawlmer County Courthouse fell an unknown number of floors, causing one fellow to be taken to the hospital and two juveniles to decline treatment (therefore not terribly serious, it seems). There was a picture of the gentleman who was transported to the hospital - you can't recognize him, he's so wrapped up on the stretcher. But I could recognize one of the Sheriff's deputies we see regularly - he's the fellow in the brown uniform walking with the rescue workers from the courthouse. It's weird - today was not one of our docket days and no one I knew (as far as I can tell) was in the elevator. People had been there for weeks working on upgrading and improving the elevators, too, but I'm not sure which one had the breaking cable - or whatever caused the plunge. Well, the good news is, most of my cases take place on the ground floor, LOL! No one knows yet how this happened - I do know it's goin…

"Try Thinny Thin ...for your Fatty Fat friends" Tom Carvel

To begin, I took ONLY ONE of the photos pictured here. I use them merely as illustrations - examples of that which I am writing about here. Anway:
I have this friend named Nancy. For the life me, I don't know what she sees in me. For that reason and for many others which should, in time become evident, I view Nancy as a true friend:) Nancy, despite the fact that she has a life-threatening illness - or perhaps because if it - is very fit. She looks that crappy disease right in the eye and says a virtual (if not actual) "FUCK YOU!" (Note I am putting the expletives in quotes because we all know that no friend of mine would EVER use such language (without at least two glasses of dry red wine under her belt)). She watches her diet, she works out like a madwoman, she trains with a fitness trainer. She walks and exercises on exercise machines at home. She looks a lot like this: Seriously, she really does. When I first met her, I thought she was about 20 years younger than she is…

An Explanation

Just want to explain why I have all these slideshows going on the right side of the blog. Blogger has these things where you can do a search and they pick out the public photos in other people's google pics accounts. The places I have pictured are places that are (a) dear to me or (b) dear to others close to me or (c) places about which I am curious or (d) all of the above. None of those photographs are ones I have taken.
Vermont is where I went to college, grew emotionally and spiritually and learned how to learn, picking up lifelong friends on the way.
New York is my state of origin, the place where my husband and I were born, and one of our children, come to think of it. In 32 years of marriage, we have lived there for only a couple of years, but we had our first dates, our first kiss our first, well, never mind, there. And our second child:). Oyster Bay is my home town on Long Island. It's also where John's family moved the year his father died and therefore where I met h…

More Progress:)

The color is a bit darker - more like the somewhat racist color "flesh" in the Crayola crayon box:) It's coming along well. I feel like I'm actually getting somewhere with this piece. Am hoping to have up to the armholes done by lunch time. We'll see. I've gone even farther than this picture shows - so hopefully I'll be good to go by then. The grandgirls are here - anxious to go outside and catch butterflies - Mads even brought her net from home. She catches them, observes them for a while and let's 'em go. Am not getting much done this lazy Saturday morning. Once John gets up and takes over the care of the girls (I hope) I'm probably going to go downstairs, do some wash (yes, really I do sometimes do the wash - it could happen) and with any luck will have some visits planned for this afternoon/evening. I have one hearing Monday p.m. after a meeting Monday a.m., so I want to be ready for them. More later:)+

working week

Yesterday was my semi-annual trip to the wilds of western Merlin. I got to visit a sweetheart of a client - actually four sweethearts - in some beautiful locations. And I hope the beauty of their placements and the lovely people who are caring for them help to ease the pain of being so far away from family and the loss of having a parent who can be there for them. That's about as succinctly as I can put it without violating privacy. As I was just about 10 miles east of Cumberland, I got a call from Nancy. It about killed me, LOL - what a beautiful day it was here! And in the hills/mountains of Western Merlin, it was about 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) cooler than at home! The sky was a sparkling azure and it felt like the wind was at my back. But obviously a walk was not to be. Work before pleasure. But I don't mean to sound as if visiting my clients was work in the strictest sense. I've been very blessed to have work as an organic part of the whole of my life. My schedule is f…

Crazy Wednesdays!

And this one will prove to be no different!
Today I have a mediation this afternoon, then two visits this evening and, if I'm a very good doo-bee and get my work done, I'm going knitting this evening!
Tomorrow is normally a court day, but I need to get out to visit a couple of clients in Western Merlin, so my wonderful colleague is covering the two hearings I have. My travels are going to take me to the furthest west county of Merlin and between those clients at the group home in Garrett County and another one in a foster home in Washington County, there is a lovely yarn shop in Allegany County. Did I tell you my vow to avoid yarn shops has an exception? And that is if I'm traveling:) Don't worry - I have no money anyway!The pictures indicate the way I spent the better part of last night into the wee hours of the morning (shame on me!)
Don't you just love the way this yarn shows stitch definition? I will be sorry to see this project finished, it's been such a joy…

Here's a lovely rendition of Lauridsen's O Nata Lux by Northfield Concert Choir of Northfield, MN

Thanks, Joannamauselina for this idea!

Since thursday...

Where to begin? Let's see, choir practice was really really good. There's something about having a smaller group practicing a tough piece together that really gets you focusing. There's so much to learn with Lauridsen's piece.
Friday, I was able to do another walk in the morning with Nancy and did a little work with her (and see below for more) on the bell folders and had lunch then RAN to court for the one hearing I had that p.m. That evening, I got started on this: It's the Chinese Lace Pullover by Angela Hahn. I'm not showing you a pic of the completed sweater here because it's a surprise for a friend - a friend who probably never sees this thing, but you never know. It's in Cottion Fleece, Victorian Pink - 80 percent cotton/20 percent wool - and it knits up so easily with the stability of wool and the lightness of cotton. Should be something downright wearable. I only hope it fits, LOL! I'm done with the lace edging (am knitting it in the round) a…

I really don't have a crush on Al Franken.

Back to Blogger, and that's ... Oh Kay...

I'm sorry - it's just so much easier to type and post and do all that good stuff - and the goodies from Ravelry and everything else are so much easier here. I am getting ready to hit the shower so the other choir members don't keel over. Started the day walking around the lake with Nancy, who I will forever credit with saving my life. She's such a sweetie - who else in this universe would walk with such a slowpoke when any number of WAY more athletic types could and would walk with her? Bless her heart!
After I left the Lake, feeling better than I had in a long time:) I took Diane to a dr's appointment and made some calls while waiting. When she was done, she kindly treated me to lunch - which I almost inhaled, I was so hungry (no breakfast - very very bad...) - and then home to finish some paperwork and make calls - I have to visit a client and have yet to hear from the caregiver! aargghh!! Oh well, I'll just mosey on over tomorrow - whatever works!
I had a litt…