Back to Blogger, and that's ... Oh Kay...

I'm sorry - it's just so much easier to type and post and do all that good stuff - and the goodies from Ravelry and everything else are so much easier here. I am getting ready to hit the shower so the other choir members don't keel over. Started the day walking around the lake with Nancy, who I will forever credit with saving my life. She's such a sweetie - who else in this universe would walk with such a slowpoke when any number of WAY more athletic types could and would walk with her? Bless her heart!
After I left the Lake, feeling better than I had in a long time:) I took Diane to a dr's appointment and made some calls while waiting. When she was done, she kindly treated me to lunch - which I almost inhaled, I was so hungry (no breakfast - very very bad...) - and then home to finish some paperwork and make calls - I have to visit a client and have yet to hear from the caregiver! aargghh!! Oh well, I'll just mosey on over tomorrow - whatever works!

I had a little time to take a few pics of the three projects I'm focusing on now:

Colin's Bavarian sock pattern: This is Sheila's sock yarn - Sheila - SheilaR on Ravelry - is a yarn seller from our neck of the woods and this yarn is so much fun to knit with - and Colin's pattern is very easy to memorize!

You will be bored to tears with yet another rendition of the 2.1 inches I've moved on the Goddessknits Anniversary Myster Shawl-Along, but I'm not one for sensitivity to the needs of my 2.4 readers, LOL (probably 0 today!). So here goes. I'm now at the point where I can only show a "slice" of the pizza as it were - it's just not going to show very well until I block it after it's done. Incentive right there to keep moving on it!

Finally, I gotta show you something really pretty:

Isn't that lovely? Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock superwash wool. No, I have not bought new yarn -I just haven't used this - which has been sitting in my stash for almost two years now! Last night at the Sip 'n Knit, Joan H brought her swift and winder and I happened to have two hanks of yarn, this yarn. Isn't it lovely? I decided to try a pattern I found online. I can't find any identifying info, but when I find it, I'll post it. Here's a quick pic. Then I gotta go and get ready for "kwar" prax! Til latah!+


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