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Did you REALLLLLLLY think I'd go out on a serious note! I love Lewis Black:)


Kierkegaard, Don't Stop Believin' and Merry Christmas!

I've been taking this class in theology. It's called EfM - an abbreviation for Education for Ministry.I am finally in my last year of this four-year course. Many people who think that they might have a vocation for the priesthood or the diaconate take this course.  I'm just trying to learn more about theology.  I have a vocation already. It's representing kids and helping them.  But a theologian I have come to enjoy - if such a thing can be said about theologians - is Søren Kierkegaard.  The reason I really love what he had to say is that he spoke of faith almost as being the exercise of fools - that one believes when it seems to be the most fruitless and most pointless of exercises. The concept of finding joy when none seems available  or even possible has always fascinated the somewhat perverse side of my nature. So much so, that even my bestest of friends find that part of me hellishly annoying at times. A long time ago, when only three of my children were on this e…

Yes He IS!