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I Kon-Mari'd My Knitting (Well... sort of..)

So I fell down the rabbit hole in January.  I read Mari Kondo's book on the magic of tidying up (sorry, cannot get the line over the second "o" in her name with this English type) and listened to her second book thanks to Scribd. A lot of what she wrote resonated with me. and it may sound crazy to a typical Westerner, but I like the idea of thanking those things in your life, even if they are just "things," for the service and the joy they have given you. If nothing else, the practice helps to cultivate a spirit of gratitude for the many blessings we in the developed world have received from the Almighty.  Have I had the time or energy to actually implement her book? Nope - mainly because I live in a house with a lot of other people - or to be more precise, I live in a house with the stuff of a lot of people - some of whom live here, some of whom do not.  Stuff over which I have little control right now.  Anyway, Ms. Kondo's thinking as I read it, is that o…