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Catching up before bedtime!

Let's see, what has gone on since last we really met, dear 3.5 readers? Yesterday, my day was taken up with a meeting at a group home in the wilds of Anne Arundel County, Merlin.  It actually was a refreshing experience because I could see almost immediately that my client was doing so well there for a very simple reason: the staff gave her good, loving care.  Since we really were on the same page, we had a good meeting and came away with ideas that helped the client.   Ahhhh.  Lovely! Who says lawyers are only about strife and contested hearings? Oh, did I say that? Sorry! It was a hot, but beautiful sunshiney  - a day for which I was grateful!
Later, I got home, did some paperwork, and went to bell choir practice.  More people came this time, so we did have a good practice and got a lot done.  But before we started, I walked in on a wonderful rehearsal with Diane L and Drew C, one of the soprano and tenor soloists (respectively) for the Bach Cantata we're doing on 5/17.  It w…

A brief pitch

Hey all you knitters out there who want to be "part of the solution," if you knit an 8X8 inch square of 100% wool, and either send it directly to South Africa or join the group on ravelry and send it to the moderator of the Black Purl group, you can help children who have been orphaned by AIDs in sub-Saharan Africa to stay a little warmer at night.

PS I have been a little slow in my blog reading and just learned the terrible news that  Kay Gardiner's husband, Peter, died last week after a brief illness.  If you want to knit something to show support for her and her family at this terrible time, you can knit something for Afghans for Afghans.  (And keep her and her family in your thoughts, meditations and prayers - whatever you do in whatever spiritual - or non-spiritual - life you have, dear readers).
God be with you 'til we meet again! +

Well I haven't done THIS in a while:)!

The kitchen table will be a power spot for you in the coming weeks. Your own table will be a supreme vortex for visionary brainstorming, but even those in other households could be epicenters for brilliant planning, crucial shifts in attitude, and increased solidarity among allies. To encourage eruptions of creative behavior, make sure the tables are nice and clean. Try to have good food and drink on hand. I also suggest you keep at least one notebook and pen lying around. 

This is Bob Brezsny's horoscope - Thanks Bob! I am not one for thinking my life is governed by the random movements of the stars and planets.  Rather, I believe in something far more preposterous to the modern world - a relationship with the Divine.  Now THAT's insane:)! But I had to print this thing out. First, because it falls under the heading of "Passion" and second because it was at my kitchen table, in a controlled fit of exasperation with the directions my life had taken, that I literally &qu…

Say what?

Well, it's happened again - I've been tagged and Oh.My.G*d. in the worst way! Amber - the wild woman from that place in NM I can NEVER spell (Alba - quirky) hath tagged me.  Well here goes: You take a quick pic of yerself - no running to the bathroom to put on makeup,  no combing your hair, no nothing and put it up on your blog.  Then, you link back to the cursed sod you tagged you and tag three other poor unsuspecting dweebs like yourself. Ladies and Germs, there is a reason I don't leave the house without makeup (unless there's a choir rehearsal going on) and the picture above is why. I am an Old Lady - a Mean Old Lady, according to my kids when they were growing up - and my sins show on my face.  Seriously.  No need for a portrait of a rotting corpse-like visage in my attic! Nope - it's out there for all the world to see.  So let's see, I've already pissed off Helen - so I think I ought to "leave her be" - and I figured I'd tag people who ha…

Peace but not quiet

That's what I'm hoping for:) Thanks for your comments the other day.  It all still seems so unreal - all the more so because the friends who have lost their son live in New Hampshire, so far away.  Today was very quiet on the workfront - a few calls and preparing for tomorrow.  K and D came over and we just finished a little supper.  They are in the next room watching "Maine Street"  - a great little film with an all-star cast, one of the first to feature Phillip Seymour Hoffman (hope I spelled that right) pre-Capote.  It takes place in a small town in New England. I am so homesick for that part of the country and wish I could be there with Paul and Cindy this weekend, but so far it looks like I will be supporting them from afar. Yesterday, the weather illustrated what was going on inside - grief, pain, joy, and a sense of expectation.  I don't know why, but I have the feeling that I am about to cross a threshold. What kind, and into what I don't know. It's…


Today I got the worst news from one of the best human beings I know. 

Two of the kindest, gentlest, best parents I know in the world lost their son in a random and unpredictable manner and none of us will ever be the same.  I will not write the details here because the details really only matter to them.  I only know that Kevin was adored by his parents, who loved him and raised him well.
There is no comfort in this, except that in his short time, Kevin had the world's best parents and a childhood to be envied.
The rest is a mystery that I expect stumps even God.
And if it stumps God, words certainly fail me.
God be with you 'til we meet again. +


Life goes on, doesn't it? Today, Spring is out in all her glory; signs of life are everywhere. Homework is being done on the deck out back.  I have a ton of laundry and a bathroom screaming my name (and a few other unsavory words!) and I. will. get. to. it....
Well, I did frog a couple of projects and now I know why - to make room for two more, LOL! I have set aside the finishing of The Daily Sweater for a race to finish the February Lady Sweater - I know I know, it's April, but my daughter, D, who turns the big three-oh on Thursday, likes this sweater and I'm going to try to get it done by next Sunday when we celebrate the birthdays of daughter D and son D - born four years less one day apart (son D's birthday is Wednesday).  My goal for the next couple of years is to knit a sweater for each member of my family. Of course the way I take on projects, it could take me 10 years to realize the goal - but you have to start somewhere!             Remember that yarn I got when…


Today started out well.  I got to court in plenty of time, to find out that the hotly contested hearing I was going to have all day would be settling and the other two hearings I would have that day were simple case closings.   I spent the time after the morning docket sitting in the sunshine and knitting the beginnings of a baby blanket (try number three, LOL:).    Once I got home,  I had some lunch and sat down to do some more knitting only to find myself out like a light.  I have had somewhat short nights this week in the sleep department in an attempt to be sure to be to court early every time.  It has worked out well, but by Friday I feel it.  I was too tired to even go out and walk this afternoon despite the beautiful weather. Despite the beautiful breezes, sunny skies and warm temperatures, there were dark clouds brewing on the horizon.  As I walked into court, I saw a couple of colleagues and learned they were going to the sentencing of those parents who had starved their young…

If you haven't seen this yet today, you must live in a cave.

Come out into the sunshine and enjoy this breath of fresh air:)

OK, so if you're a classical music lover and you are a bit esoteric in your tastes, you might not be thrilled, but I am a diehard nerd and I loved it.  Susan, YOU GO GIRL!!!! We on the other side of the pond who look at the surface before we see them gem beneath it, SALUTE YOU:)!!!
When I saw this at work at around noon today between the dockets, my officemates and I were tearing up watching it (I TOLD you I'm a nerd!) and the number of "hits" on YouTube was over 12 million.  Now at 6 PM Daylight Savings time (Eastern USA), the hits have topped 13 million.  
I cannot tell you how happy this makes me:)
At least for today.  Tomorrow we'll probably hear a news report that she's really a drug addict, alcoholic mom of 12 who beats her children (OK, that's a bit much, just kidding.... really). But for today, sigh....
I have gone backwards in my knitting.  And those of you who knit know what that means -…

A Relatively Quiet day:)

But apparently quite the exciting day for the grandangels, M and R and their parents D and D (the double Ds - that doesn't sound quite right, does it???) They got an invitation to the Easter Egg Roll at the White House:)!!! Wayyyyy cool! Autism awareness groups got a bunch of tickets and people could ask for them online - D and D got tickets for their girls. This is the view from D's cellphone this afternoon. What a crowd. I can imagine it was one of the most exhausting days the whole family has had in a while. Speaking of exhausted, after two services, lunch with a few friends from choir (all of which was quite nice), I was pretty tired - especially so given the fact that after the vigil service, I couldn't unwind until it was well nigh 1:30 a.m. and then back up again at 7. But even afterwards, it was not to be nap time, LOL:) I made dinner for the crowd, and luckily, John had so much done by the time I got home that I had precious little to complain about! All the kids a…

The sweater's not short - I'm just wiiiiide:)

Well, it's Holy Saturday.  In another hour, I'll be at St. John's for a night a bit more jolly than Good Friday - it's the Easter Vigil service - for you non Xians out there, sort of a "sneak peak" of Easter:)Then tomorrow - oy - tomorrow will be two services ringing and singing and lunch with a group from the choir and then fixing a pork loin for our (late) family Sunday dinner.  Tonight when I get back from services, I'm going to give it all a head start by chopping veggies and dyeing Easter Eggs for the kids - grandkids:). In about ten minutes, I've got to go upstairs and change (into a nice person, LOL) and get going. What, you may ask, have I done all day besides sleeping in late and putting two baskets of wash away? I have spent the greater part of my afternoon listening to Kelley Petkun and her KnitPicks podcast.  She's good - she's really really good! Never have I spent an afternoon having more fun while whittling away at the miles of mi…

Good Friday - Proselytizing?

When I was a teenager, I had a poster that hung in the recessed part of the wall, near the dormer window in my bedroom.  It somehow managed to be the first thing I would see when  I woke up.  On the poster were these words:

"In some way our deepest  self is the self of all men. Their pain is our pain, their need is our need; there can be no joy for us until there is joy for them.
~Frederick Buechner"
Those words always meant a great deal to me,  but as I grew into adulthood, their meaning grew deeper.  To this day, they evoke parallel feelings of helplessness and determination, especially when I think about the horrors people face the world over.

I have seen searching for quotes that better express what faith in God means to me.  A friend from choir sent me this wonderful editorial from the New York Times by Judith Warner about the role that religious traditions and questions of  faith play in her life. The thing is, it's Good Friday - a time where in John's home growing up, …

April Flowers?

Well, boys and girls, the weather in Merlin has been so strange lately! We have the dogwoods blossoming, the lilacs and forsythia making their way into the world, and the birds are tweeting their heads off, sans twitter!
But it is so COLD! Yesterday the view from my usual spot at my desk looked like this - until about noon, and then we had, if you can believe it, SNOWFLAKES drifting around! In April! In Merlin! Nothing stuck, of course, but it was shocking! Today the view is more like picture number 2 below - cloudy, cold, but with the blooms of spring. So bizarre. Oh well, enough about the weather.  I wish I had more pics for you today, but my knitting has slowed down somewhat and the picture of the sweater really shows that progress is rather difficult to gauge.  In fact, I think it looks like I started the ribbing too soon - yet when I hold it up to me, it works.  I think it's just the width. This sweater is supposed to be slouchy and loosey-goosey.  To that end, I added an extra …

OK, It's Holy Week for the Goyishe, er Xians... Translit and word for word for Americans (sie spinnen, die Ammies)

(Ich bitte um Verzeihung meinen Deutschen Freunden und Freundinnen! Apologies to my German friends! )Cantata TextWord-for-word translationPronunciation   (don’t forget to roll your ‘r’s)
Christ lag in TodesbandenChrist lay in Death’s bondsKrist lock in toad ess bond’nFür unser Sünd gegebenFor our Sin givenFoor oonsuh soont gegehb’nEr ist wieder erstandenHe is again arisenEhr ist veeduh ehrshtondunUnd hat uns bracht das LebenAnd has us brought the lifeOont hot oonce brokt doss lehb’nDess wir sollen fröhlich seinSo we should happy beDess veeah sawllen frŏoleesh zineGott loben und ihm dankbar seinGod praise and him thankful beGawt lohbuhn oont eem donkbah zineHallelujahHallelujahHah – lay –loo-yahDen Tod, Niemand zwingen kunntThe Death, No one force(overcome) couldDayn Tawt, Neemant tsvinguhn koontBei allen Menschen kindernAmong all Mankind childrenBuy ahllen menshen kinduhnDas macht alles unser Sünd                  That makes all our Sin