Life goes on, doesn't it? Today, Spring is out in all her glory; signs of life are everywhere. Homework is being done on the deck out back.  I have a ton of laundry and a bathroom screaming my name (and a few other unsavory words!) and I. will. get. to. it....
Well, I did frog a couple of projects and now I know why - to make room for two more, LOL! I have set aside the finishing of The Daily Sweater for a race to finish the February Lady Sweater - I know I know, it's April, but my daughter, D, who turns the big three-oh on Thursday, likes this sweater and I'm going to try to get it done by next Sunday when we celebrate the birthdays of daughter D and son D - born four years less one day apart (son D's birthday is Wednesday).  My goal for the next couple of years is to knit a sweater for each member of my family. Of course the way I take on projects, it could take me 10 years to realize the goal - but you have to start somewhere!            
Remember that yarn I got when my high school friends and I went to Cloverhill Yarns?  Well, it's looking good as an FLS.  And I am particularly proud of my little modification: an i-cord edging! And, as you can see above, I've decided to go with a smaller - i-cord buttonhole.  It's soooo easy to do! Thanks to Kelley Petkun, co-owner of KnitPicks and of course to Elizabeth Zimmermann for the idea.  Here's how I did it (for those of you who haven't done this before):
Add six stitches to the total number of stitches to cast on. After you've cast on, knit your first row up to the last three stitches; bring your yarn forward (as if you were about to purl those stitches, but don't purl them), slip the last three stitches to your right hand needle and turn your work.  When you've turned your work, the yarn will be at the back three stitches to your left. Take the yarn and knit the first stitch of the row through the back loop (as you would with an i-cord), then knit the next two stitches.  Then knit whatever pattern you are knitting up to the last three stitches of your row.  Bring your yarn forward, slip the last three stitches, turn your work, knit the first three stitches as the i-cord edging, then continue with the center stitches in whatever pattern you are following.  The first and last stitches are your i-cord edging - instant finishing! Isn't that grand?  It's amazing: I've been knitting for well over forty years and I learn something new every month it seems.  That's what this extended world-wide knitting community has done for me:)
Oh, and the buttonholes, though smaller are easy to do as well: When you get to the point where you want to make a buttonhole, you knit the three i-cord stitches, then you put your stitches back on the left hand needle, knit the three stitches again, slip the stitches back again, knit them again for as many times as you'd like the length of the  i-cord to be (depends on how big you want your buttonhole), then continue on knitting in your pattern.  This leaves a little (or large) loop for your buttons:
The other new addition to my UFOs is attempt number three at a baby blanket (not that I'm giving up on the other attempts, LOL!).  I'm starting with the blue, but it will have pink and white and probably lavender and a soft green and maybe cream color.  It's cotton - Paton's Grace - and it's knitting up rather well so far.  I'm using a stitch pattern from the book, Knitting Goes Large.  No, I don't think K and S's baby is going to be a chubby one - I just liked the stitch pattern - simple, repetitive and not too "holey" for a lace pattern (we don't want little fingers to get stuck!). And never let it be said that I don't do a new skill to death - I am also using an i-cord edging on this one:) 
Well, I'd better get moving on that bathroom and while I'm at it clean off this desk - it's starting to look like a tsunami has hit it.  This evening I'm helping Nancy out with organizing some of the lovely purchases she made for the choir this past Wednesday and then tomorrow I'm reading and possibly singing for the late service, then lunch, then the Stephen Ministers are there for the healing service later in the afternoon.  I really like that our church also realizes that not everyone out there is celebrating during the holidays - in fact for many, Christmas and Easter are just reminders of how rough things are.
Well, off to work and knit.  See you soon.  Until then....

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