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INSPIRATION. I'm not much of an artist by a LONG stretch.  To be more precise, I enjoy the incredible talents of artists and appreciate their work, their sense of place, color, light, design - you name it - despite a poor understanding of much of it.  One of my heroes is Sister Wendy, the hermit/nun with an encyclopedic knowledge of the subject who has increased my own knowledge a thousand fold (and that is not saying much, LOL!)  Despite my decided lack of talent in that department (never you mind, I have other gifts the good Lord has given me and I am happy to have them), I was inspired to create the above little collage on the second page of my planner.  
I read about Inez Milholland when John and I went to the Newseum a couple of weeks ago.  She was the (sort of) iconic woman on the white horse who led a women's march for suffrage in D.C. I say "sort of" because we never learned about people like Ms. Milholland in my childhood.  A dirty shame, because she is my h…

YIKES!:) How about I break the silence with a little bit about what I've been knitting these last six months?

I'd tell you I cannot believe it's been over six months since my last blogpost, but of course I believe it. It's been more than six months and not because I haven't been knitting! I have been knitting like a madwoman (as in late at night, under the influence of red wine and never getting enough sleep). What I haven't really done is write about it.
And yes, I did finish that wonderful baby blanket for my friend's Diane's darling little granddaughter. She did me the kindness of sending a picture of her in it.  What an adorable baby:)! Not surprised, given the incredible good looks with which everyone in that family has been blessed. This was my first "commissioned" work and it took up a lot of my knitting time, but it was worth every minute!

As usual, I seem to collect knitting projects like lint on velvet.  I finish one project and three or four others spring up to take its place, LOL! Since finishing this baby blanket, I've also finished three…