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Food for Thought

I've said many times before that I'm not really a big believer in astrology, but Bob Breszny's horoscopes are extremely thought provoking. For example, here's the one for this week: AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): If I were dressing you for Halloween, I would
be inclined to draw on the inspiration of those old fairy tales that feature the
theme of restoration: like the prince who, because of a curse, has lived for
years as a frog, only to be returned to his rightful body and role through the
kiss of a merciful soul; or like a princess who is stolen as a baby from the
royal family by an old bear and raised by the beast in a forest cave, but is
finally tracked down and rescued by the queen on one of her endless searches. I
bet your actual life will feature a story line similar to those.But isn't that simply truth? That who and what we are, while unique to us and unique in the universe, is often truly only brought forth from the love that we gain through others? Maybe that's…

Everyone knows it's Windy!

Well, if you've got to be in a conference and you can't get outside to the beach, it might as well be an overcast, windy, chilly day with an awesome view of the Atlantic every time you look outside. For those of you, dear 2.5 readers, who have never been "Down de oh-shun" in Merlin, Ocean City is one long strip of land - a long SKINNY strip of land - its length running North and South. It is a very built up piece of land with real estate values running high, I'm sure. It's been the resort town of all of Merlin for as long as I've known. Like the beaches in Florida, it hosts any number of college and high school students for a week of fun for Spring Vacation or post-graduation fun - and for summer jobs. There are a gazillion restaurants, hotels and myriad condos, time-shares and shops, all angling for the best view of the beach or the bay. As you can see above, the view from the 12th floor of the Clarion Hotel afforded me a view of the Atlantic and the Asso…

Conference and about 35,000 stitches to go

Today was a beautiful day. Unfortunately I was unable to get a proper walk in, but I was able to get some paperwork done, get it mailed off, requested a subpoena and covered a shelter for a colleague in my county. Having those basics attended to, I was able to set off for Ocean City, Merlin. Above are a few pictures literally snapped as I drove by. The first two are a view from the Severn River Bridge in the Annapolis area. I can never do that breathtaking view justice and not kill myself or others as I drive. Someday, I will cross that bridge in the driver's seat and wow boy, just wait, LOL:) The other picture is a view of the basic landscape for the Eastern Shore of Merlin - FLAT! It was a lovely day and I made great time, despite some road construction in Easton. When I arrived, it was dinner time, so after settling into my room and getting this computer plugged in and checking a few e-mails, I went to dinner with the "two Connies" - Connie D and Connie R - who work in…

Another gem from Bob Brezsny

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): No faking allowed, Aquarius. I mean it. You must do no pretending, tell no dirty lies, and never act as if you knowthings you don't truly know. Instead, say exactly what you mean; be more real than you have ever dared to be; be nothing more and nothing less than who you actually are. Why is this authenticity crusade so important right now? Because in the coming weeks, you'll be setting your life's tone for months to come. You will be planting more seeds than you can imagine. Wow, don't know what to make of that. It's interesting, but I imagine it would be true of everyone. But I'll take it. We'll see. God be with you 'til we meet again. +

OK, you non-knitters out there - take a nap!

I posted this query at the Mason Dixon Knitting blog this morning:Hi - I have been raving about your new book to everyone and anyone who will listen to me - it's fabulous!!! I am at the end of the "Periodic
Table of the Elements" for the XXL sweater and I think I may have found an
error. Please tell me if this makes sense. I think you're supposed to end up
with 145 stitches on the back, 4 stitches for the cable, 80 stitches on the
sleeve, 4 stitches for the cable, 145 on the front, 4 cable, 80 sleeve and 4
cable - a total of 466 stitches. Then 84 are taken for each sleeve (168 total),
and five cast on for each underarm (10 total added back) leaving you with 308
stitches for the body and 84 left for each sleeve.OK, and that information is in the instructions. HOWEVER, the table that you have for the size XXL leaves you short four stitches for the back and front(141 stitches each) and short 2 stitches for each sleeve (78 stitches each). So,I figured I'd do the following …

Never on a Sunday

Well, at least not this Sunday - didn't get a walk in today, but I did have a great time, singing in the choir - and it looks like I'm back to singing with my own gender again, LOL! Yes, this tenor is back to being an alto and without benefit of hormones or surgery:) It appears I can hit the high notes, so I'm back with the girls. Oh well, I will miss the wisecracking in the tenor section, but I can be bad again with Ann M:) in the front row with the altos.
I did, however get a walk in yesterday and it was lovely:) because it followed about two and a half hours of rehearsing various parts of Morton Lauridsen's Lux Aeterna. I realize I really have to focus on the second movement, which is chock full of some serious dissonances (i.e. one voice singing an A flat, whilst the other sings a G at the same time!) and there's one spot where the tenors have to pull an A natural out of their (ahem) nether regions, since the orchestra gives them no quarter! But practice was fun…

Starting the weekend

There's something about that quiet time late on a Friday afternoon. The work week is pretty much over. I'm done with court and meetings for the day. My desk is lousy with work, knitting patterns, tech stuff and, well, it's a mess, LOL! I will pretty soon be cleaning up this area, trying to figure out what to do with the pile of books with which I've recently increased my knitting library and putting away some projects so I will continue to work on one or two and hopefully make some meaningful progress:). I've spent a lot of money this week on clothes and I am feeling terribly guilty. Remember my rant yesterday about not finding skirts? Well, I went to a shop in Pikesville called Lexington Lady and they had Everything. on. sale. On. Sale! But right now, I'm enjoying the quiet time. John is still sleeping - he works graveyard shift and has a chance to sleep, so I'm not waking him. The two youngest of our progeny who live with us are out working at their house-…

This is all I've been working on

As far as knitting goes, that is!
It's been a fairly quiet week on the work front, although I have some visits to catch up on. And it's been a short week, what with the Columbus Day holiday on Monday. I've had the wonderful opportunity to get three walks in since Sunday. After church, Nancy and her Sunday group usually walk around the lake, and so we did - it was like old times except I felt more like an old-timer than usual! Not funny - in fact, my left leg/knee were in so much pain that I had trouble walking when I got home. That evening, John had a ballgame in DC to bartend, and the "kids" were pretty much on their own, so I went to dinner at Diane's house with Nancy and Rennie. She made the most delicious low-carb dinner! lasagna made from eggplant, spaghetti squash. Great food, great company and we must have laughed until 11 at night:) because that's about when I got home. Monday was the court holiday and our office was closed, so I took the opportunity…

Oh dear, a pattern is developing

Again, I think it's about having a lot to do and not much reflection upon it. This week, dear 1.5 readers, has been particularly painful in a number of ways. I alluded to the situation with a child of friends and it appears that situation will be coming to a head on Tuesday. A number of things may happen. To respect their privacy, I am not going to say anything more, except that the reality of this happening in your own life is a thousand times more painful than when it happens professionally - and I suppose that's as it should be.
Things are moving along with the Stephen Ministry training. I'm meeting some really lovely people, but since it's still early days, I haven't really met all of them fully. Every one of us is broken in our own way, and I think that's the nature of Christianity - of all faith, really; the broken helping to heal the broken and gaining something in the process greater than both of them. I have used the phrase from Carly Simon's song C…

Monday Monday:)

For some wonderful reason, I don't have a docket today, although I am on pins and needles waiting for the other shoe to drop about a child I know who may be in the system today (sigh). Obviously, I am not going to be involved in that case in a professional capacity - too close! Any more about that I cannot say; I'm just keeping my fingers crossed, and yes, shooting up not too few prayers for that situation! I feel badly about not posting so much recently. Sometimes life just gets too interesting or too busy and you simply have to live it rather than write about it. It's the writing that helps one process after the fact, though. In another 20 minutes or so, I'm heading out the door for a client visit and then I will be back to get some paperwork done and with any luck will arrange some more visits to get ready for this week's slew of hearings. When last I left you, dear 1.5 readers, I left you with a video of the Shayne/Gardiner duo singing, "Pardon me, I didn&#…

Ah guess mah secrit's out....