OK, you non-knitters out there - take a nap!

I posted this query at the Mason Dixon Knitting blog this morning:

Hi - I have been raving about your new book to everyone and anyone who will listen to me - it's fabulous!!! I am at the end of the "Periodic
Table of the Elements" for the XXL sweater and I think I may have found an
error. Please tell me if this makes sense. I think you're supposed to end up
with 145 stitches on the back, 4 stitches for the cable, 80 stitches on the
sleeve, 4 stitches for the cable, 145 on the front, 4 cable, 80 sleeve and 4
cable - a total of 466 stitches. Then 84 are taken for each sleeve (168 total),
and five cast on for each underarm (10 total added back) leaving you with 308
stitches for the body and 84 left for each sleeve.OK, and that information is in the instructions. HOWEVER, the table that you have for the size XXL leaves you short four stitches for the back and front(141 stitches each) and short 2 stitches for each sleeve (78 stitches each). So,I figured I'd do the following additional 2 rows to get me to those numbers:TBS (143/80) and B (145/80). Then I'm ready to divide per your instructions.Two rows are not a big deal in my plus-sized universe and it gets me to the right numbers in an orderly fashion.Whaddya think? Am I missing something?TIA, Joan *******, Ellicott City "Merlin"About an hour away from the Mason-Dixon line:)a/k/a fuguestateknits

OK, so if you're working on the largest sized Daily Sweater in their book (Mason Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines) that's what I found. I may be wrong, but hey, I believe in sharing. The sweater is moving along, bit by bit. I have those last two rows to go and then yards of stockinette in the round (not even purling, LOL!). As I said in an earlier post, it's good TV watching, church meeting, stopped in traffic knitting!

And it has gotten so cold I'll need that sweater SOON! But for now it's still a mound of amorphous stockinette, admittedly shaped rather nicely with raglan increases and a tiny twisting cable.

This week has not been terribly busy, but that's OK, I have tons to do in terms of paperwork and I'm happy for the time to do it. Yesterday, I had a really nice walk with Nancy, although I fear I talk too much sometimes. Last night was Stephen Ministry training - interesting stuff. Tonight will be bell prax. Well, I'd better go - work beckons. I leave you, dear 2.5 readers, with a view from the back door. The foliage is really lovely, but not very vibrant in my back yard. Centennial Lake has some lovely deciduous trees. I'll take pictures at my next walk. In the meantime, God be with you 'til we meet again.



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