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Snow Week:) and the Nerds Grow Old.....

Our son Dan is hitting the big time in Baltimore in a couple of months - his first Equity gig at Center Stage!:)
Snow Falling on CedarsMar 9-Apr 3, 2011Adapted by Kevin McKeon from the novel by David Guterson
East Coast Premiere
Directed by David Schweizer
Against the backdrop of an America torn by World War Two, cultures and communities clash when a Japanese American islander is accused of murder. This hauntingly lyrical saga—adapted from David Guterson’s acclaimed story of mystery, love, and identity—deftly shifts from courtroom to strawberry fields to bloody battlefront, digging for hard truths buried in a forgotten history.
He's going to play the guy who was murdered.
Cannot wait to see this!

This week was rather snowy - not exactly the "Snowmageddon" of last year, but enough to be a pain in the behind. Wednesday - which is usually my day to catch up on visits (now thanks to my co-workers I have Friday as well)- was just too dangerous to drive around in. Even the c…

Sometimes it pays to do the right thing

And believe it or not, as a lawyer, one really ought to know that.  Think about it, lawyer jokes aside, if we do the right thing, we rarely (sometimes, but not often) have to worry.  We don't have to get our stories straight; all we have to do is get our ducks in a row and do our thing and we're fine.   But sometimes it's not so certain what the right thing is.  As you know, dear readers, I do NOT give details about clients.  That would be the greatest of all Bozo No-Nos.  And just plain mean and wrong. What I will say in general, is that our office decided to take an appeal on a decision we believed to be wrong and against our client's interests.  The AG's office warned us against it.  They felt it was a gamble, that we could end up with a bad decision that could make things difficult for their other cases. Ultimately, they refused to even be involved in the appeal.  But it was the right decision for our client and that's the only person we had to worry about. …

Great News!

Vicki's Church, "St. PJs" is famous! Here's a video of that jazz ensemble I wrote about, Theodicy:

And here's a link to an article in the New Haven Independent:
So cool, but it's not just the music.  There was such a sense of acceptance and love in that community - and a community it is!  Thanks, Vicki, for sharing your good stuff with us!
In recent news, not much is new.  I played rather badly for the children's service, having stupidly forgotten that there was a REPEAT after the first verse (DOH!), but I do give myself some credit for having recovered and done my best to finish on time, LOL.  After the Offertory, I did the proverbial "Catholic Shuffle" (sorry my Catholic friends and family, I mean that in only the most loving terms!) and high-tailed it home, only to find that John was not going to be able to go.  Bless his heart, he wanted to get the house cleaned up before my brother got there. We later found out that Dan had been violently ill …

Postlude: Just about the only thing I have in a size 7:)

This post is for Knitters Only:) As many of you are no doubt aware, Signature Needle Arts recently came out with their next generation of circular needles.  These babies arrived in the mail today:) I don't care what projects I have to do, I am starting the Cassidy by Bonne Marie Burns today!! I have the yarn, I have the coolest needles and I have a need for a green hoodie that fits (well, maybe not a need) and know I can do this! YES:) Which makes my knitting self very happy!

God be with you 'til we meet again! +

It's been an interesting coupla weeks:)!!

It's a cold and sunny day here in central Merlin. I don't have a docket and am spending the day getting organized for the onslaught that will be next week. A three-day trial I thought was going to start Monday was postponed until mid-May, so I feel like one who has been granted a reprieve:).  So of  I figured I'd update this thing. When last I posted, dear readers, I was clinging for dear life onto the handle of a the passenger side of our car as we were careening through the snow-covered roads of central Connecticut.  We had visited with my brother Dan in "Joysey" on the way (he looked terrific, BTW!!).  We got off that dratted I-95 North parking lot posing as a highway when we realized that John had left his good suit hanging in the garment bag on our hall closet door hook! Thanks to my trusty i-Phone app (AroundMe - I highly recommend it), and a search on Kohl's (yes, even though they never sell decent skirts for the old fart in your life), got an address…

Genesis of Irish Dancing (or "Lord of the Dance has ants in his pants")

Blogging between the trucks..

Anyone who said New Yawk has the worst traffic never tried the trip from Pelham to New Haven on I-95 North on a Friday on a wet day in January!
As I enter these words via cellphone, it is about 7:30 PM eastern time. We need to get to Exit 44. We just passed Exit 16 and have been on this part of the highway since 5:00. You do the math. I think we'll forget dinner with Vicki the night before her ordination, LOL! John, bless his heart, worked the overnight shift last night. He's gotten dribs and drabs of sleep all day and has now taken over the driving to give my cramped right leg a break. Well that was exciting, wasn't it?? I am looking forward to tomorrow! Vicki asked if I would sing with the choir and I accepted of course:). Rehearsal is at 9 and the service is at 11 at St. Peter and St. James ("St. PJs"). Must remember to get the Bishop's name for Carol, our Rector here at St. J's- she probably knows him from her environmentalist days. Vicki has wanted to do …

Blogging between the dockets

Have about 45 minutes to chill out before the pm docket and so I figured I'd write about nothing much in particular. Not much is new since last I wrote, but I did want to being things a bit more up to date between bites of this rather nice tuna sandwich.

Christmas was an embarrassment of riches. We had much to be grateful for this year- we're both employed, My brother found a great job, our kids are all employed, we're healthy and we're all together.

The services at St. John's were beautiful-from the Christmas Pageant with the children at 5 to the two evening services and preludes from 7:30 to after midnight. Still, with all the pageantry and the beautiful choral and instrumental music, my favorite moments were when the organ dropped out and the lights were low and the entire congregation sang Silent Night. I cannot imagine how that must be for someone in the parking lot! All the Whos in Whoville singing that simple and eloquent hymn.
When the services were over, I w…

And we begin again...

That's one good thing about the New Year. We get a chance to start fresh- or so we tell ourselves! Right now my life feels like this mess you see before you.

I have some New Year's resolutions, but truly, they are not that interesting. My life is just not that exciting. No affairs to break off, no drug addiction requiring rehab, just the usual petty stupidities of life we all have in varying measure. It all boils down to this: do better and be more organized about it. Oh, and buy more yarn:).

The above mile or so of strange looking fair isle represents about ten weeks of work on a swearer for our music director- and a dear friend- Nancy. I've finally gotten to cut one steek (without machine stitching I might add) and begun a sleeve. The steek stitches made for a nice facing.

I hope to be done with the sleeves and finishing within the next two weeks- otherwise it will be mid-February because I have a three-day trial coming up in three weeks.
I haven't been completely monog…