Great News!

Vicki's Church, "St. PJs" is famous! Here's a video of that jazz ensemble I wrote about, Theodicy:

And here's a link to an article in the New Haven Independent:
So cool, but it's not just the music.  There was such a sense of acceptance and love in that community - and a community it is! 
Thanks, Vicki, for sharing your good stuff with us!

In recent news, not much is new.  I played rather badly for the children's service, having stupidly forgotten that there was a REPEAT after the first verse (DOH!), but I do give myself some credit for having recovered and done my best to finish on time, LOL.  After the Offertory, I did the proverbial "Catholic Shuffle" (sorry my Catholic friends and family, I mean that in only the most loving terms!) and high-tailed it home, only to find that John was not going to be able to go.  Bless his heart, he wanted to get the house cleaned up before my brother got there. We later found out that Dan had been violently ill the night before and could not make it.  But we will probably see him next week, which will be absolutely terrific, because I think everyone will be here for dinner! At least I hope so!
On the knitting front, I did test out those Signature circular size 7s:) and ended up knitting the night away! I got the 6" needle, stiletto point, 47" total length with cord and needles.There was a bit of a learning curve: I needed to get used to the idea of longer tips.  However, once that was out of the way, I was knitting like a maniac and enjoying myself immensely.  What really struck me about them was the strength and the smoothness of the join between the cable and the needle.  There was really nothing to complain about - quite the opposite.  This is definitely the "Cadillac" or "Rolls Royce" of knitting needles! Is it worth the cost? How do I know? One or two in a size I use fairly regularly would be very nice, but a whole set? I could get the national debt into the billions, LOL:) But definitely everything I hoped they would be!
Here's the beginning of the Cassidy.  I'm using Cascade 220 wool, worsted weight in a dark heathered green that I've had in my stash for about a year. I'm not getting the stitch definition I did with the grey acrylic, but I'm liking the quality of the yarn a lot better.
I have NOT made any real progress on the Westerwick since last I wrote because I need a block of time to work on it properly.  Cannot make cuts in knitting without the remedy ready at hand!
Work today was not very much to write about.  I do have a bunch of phone calls to return and  quick trip to Annapolis to file something tomorrow.  Then it's visits and meetings and courts and all the usual. Hopefully the weather will cooperate!
Oh, and speaking of Great News:), Send a few good thoughts, vibes, prayers, whatever out into the Universe for the Penultimate Child.  She just made it through the first hurdle in the process of the Fulbright! YES!:)

Until next time dear readers, God be with you 'til we meet again!
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