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Frogs and U/FOs and Addiction (oh my...)

June 8, 2011. 
That's the date I've been given.  The insurance company has approved the surgery and the surgeon's office has called to schedule.  It was the first date I could get.  I don't want to think about it too much and chicken out. I have given this about eight years of thought and I'm ready.  Well, as much as anyone can be about being ready for what probably will be a life-changing event. 
I have asked friends, neighbors, family members and people I know to be in the medical profession what they thought.  I have searched my very soul. It came down to this: the people who have gone through this and the medical professionals from whom I've heard all endorse it.  Dear friends have encouraged me to think about it and other dear friends have warned against it.  To all of them I say, "Thank you - I know what you've said to me has been out of love and caring and I love you for it, but I'm going to do this. I've tried it on my own and it hasn'…

Blogging 9-101

Well, this morning was interesting.  Had one of those "have to be two places at once" mornings. Luckily, it was two places at once in the same courthouse.  

The other hearings for the balance of the day were not contested, and all went well in my little corner of Merlin.  Between the a.m. and p.m. dockets, I stopped across the street and had a sandwich, since I knew I'd be there for the afternoon docket and there wasn't much sense in going anywhere only to have to return and find parking again.  Soon I was joined by two of the attorneys in that contested case. After a pleasant lunch, during which I shared with one of them my experience being followed back to my car by one of his clients,  it was back to court and then to the home office and a call about a client whose case has closed and an irate e-mail from the parent of a  pro-bono client. The fun just never ends! Speaking of fun - what a wonderful weekend I had.  Saturday started out exceptionally lazy! I woke up a…

Blogging between the services

Well one service down and one to go:). This is a ringing and singing Sunday. And it's Mother's Day, so happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there!

The cool thing about today, other than the amazing blessing in having these cool, unique and interesting human beings we brought into the world, is that I don't have to cook dinner!! Whoot!
In addition to all anticipated fun and frolic of this evening, yesterday was a great day - more to come on Maryland's Sheep and Wool Festival.
Until then, you know the drill:

God be with you 'til we meet again+

Frustrating Friday

Well today my colleague who works every Friday covered the two hearings I have. There are a couple of bits of paperwork I need to do, like responding to motions and legal research and preparing for the four or five hearings I have Monday.  The printer attached to this computer doesn't want to cooperate and  I cannot for the life of me figure out why not. It's a laser printer (HP) and I've had it for about 10 years without so much as a squeak of a problem.  NOW is not the right time for it to crap out on me, believe me. My phone needs a new battery and it's not one I can replace myself. Oy!
But look at what it's doing outside:)

And you should feel the lovely breeze I just felt taking those pictures! This time of year is Merlin dressed up in its Sunday best, dancing and partying with the wine of nature:) And yes, getting just a little drunk and full of herself and why not? So, despite getting precious little done at work, I did take a moment to appreciate the beauty th…

Just another tiring Tuesday (Whoa oa oa....)

Man, I've got to get better at titling these posts! The picture to the right is what I did NOT get to do today.  No knitting, no playing flute, no doing the crossword.  I got up, went to a dr appointment, got an ultrasound done on the gallbladder, ran to court for three shelter hearings for five new clients, feeling like someone had elbowed me in the stomach a bazillion times. As I left court, the mother of one of my clients followed me with an older child and two adult male friends, calling me names over and over again (did she think I'd cry? NOT).  I got to my car and stopped and faced them.  They walked by me (thankfully).  Then I got in my car and drove the hell outta there to the office to finish paperwork.  Then a client visit, then home and then (happy sigh) bell practice:)!  Then HOME! As I type this right now, everyone in the house is asleep.  The dishwasher is hitting something repeatedly against something else. It is late. I even told an online friend I was headed fo…

Blogging between visits

Or after court! I have to catch up on a number of client visits, but figured I should check in here for no good reason, LOL:) It's another Merlin Monday - spring is coming, but it's coming slowly.  So I think we're going to have about five seconds of spring and then get blasted with the kiln of summer. Bleh. Well court went fine today.  No real snags. Had a shelter hearing and then headed back here with the idea of contacting a lot of my client's placements and setting up visits.  Have a few voicemails in and will try back when the workday is over and they are home.
Right now the house is unusually quiet.  John is off on Monday and is usually up and about, but he is just waking up as I type this - very strange for him, but hey, given his crazy work schedule good for him!
The weekend I met with a couple of clients and did some work at home.  Sunday was a lot of fun - it was the Orchestra of St. Johns' season finale - and in my humble opinion, one of their best concer…