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Yarn Swap:)! And Update

Summer is taking its leave of us soon, but I have held on to what I can.  My kitchen window sill has a way of summarizing the life that goes on around us.  Just enough light, just enough of a glimpse to the outside world.  To me, the windowsill over the kitchen sink was the view into the outside world over which my mother, and later my stepmother, presided. It was here our moms watched us, here they saw us doing something good -- or bad:).  When I met and fell in love with the proverbial Boy Next Door, we wanted to stay well away from prying eyes keeping tabs on us from either direction. And yet, now it feels like home because I am the mother, the grandmother. Thank goodness, I don't need to keep tabs on anyone anymore - or perhaps better stated, I never could, really, but I still want to do it.
So, what's been going on in the past couple of months?  Well, let's see. We've had our share of Sunday dinners and visits from our adult kids and not-adult grandkids:).  And l…