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Thunder Thighs

I always hated my legs. Never had those pretty Twiggy spindly stilts that went so well with miniskirts, or even shapely ones that look good in jeans. No, my friends, no matter how many fat cells I decimate, there will always be an inordinate number of them clustered upon my femurs, making my Diogenes-like search for the perfect pair of jeans an exercise in futility.
I gave those thunder thighs too much power. I allowed them to dictate to me my human worth in the meat market of my youth. I let them lie to me, telling me that they were a flaw that made me somehow worth less.
But then I had the good fortune to date and marry a lover of thunder thighs and as a result (I leave it to you, dear 2.5, to calculate the inference) many a little one has bounced on them. But as I made my peace with them and they grew, Lord how they grew, I still barely tolerated them.
Until I saw them in my grandson, Gram, as his Mommy was changing his diaper. I marveled at how absolutely adorable he was and how st…

Knitting Amnesia

It's 10:30 on a Saturday morning.  I have to leave really soon to get to my first client visit in Baltimore, so this is a quick post! As I arose this morning and went to my dresser to pull out something to wear today, I saw this little thing folded up (big surprise!) and cannot recall what the heck it is:

 Spread out, it looks more like this:

I know I knit this.  I remember the yarn. I know it's a little "off-center" because I placed the short row section a little too far to one side, but it's fine for a scarf.  The question is, which pattern is this and when did I knit this? LOL!!! It was one of my many little knitting detours - a quick pattern that provided some distraction and instant gratification with one skein of yarn that had captured my fancy. I don't remember if it was the entire pattern I knitted or just the edging and then the short rows alone?? I think this is one of the free patterns on ravelry.  Anyone recognize it?? Then I can put it up among t…


The National Weather Service was predicting derecho storms for our little corner of Merlin, but now it just looks like nasty old severe thunderstorms.  Either way, I'm just glad we still have electricity:). Since last we saw each other, dear 2.5 readers, I've visited some clients, attended a couple of meetings and services, and the fellow I told you about whom we visited on Saturday, has begun his travels free of this earthly coil. I am grateful to have been able to say goodbye and wish him well on his journey. Normally on Thursdays, I have a court docket. In fact, it's usually my busiest day of the week. But for some reason, today I didn't have any hearings and I'm not the attorney on call for shelter hearings, so I had no reason to head out to the office or the courthouse today, especially given that the Bawlmer Beltway was closed down near me - not sure if it was the weather or an accident.  So, I remained working at the home office, checking e-mails and preppin…

A Look Into The Finer Edge

Sublime, Just Sublime

When you've had days of rain, this is the song you want to sing when you face the morning light:) Not that I mind the rain - it can be lovely and it makes for a lot of wonderful summer greenery, to say nothing of the good it does for the crops for local farms and the water supply for the rest of us!

Since we were last together, dear 2.5 readers, I have simply plugged away at a few things. Nothing much exciting to report. Life goes on and I suppose that's a good thing.  John is getting better every day, the little guys are growing as they should and the adult "kids" are making their respective ways in life - each traveling the path unique to them. 
I take it back: this weekend was glorious - in ways I never imagined it would be. Saturday morning, I was involved in a training to be a facilitator of a Stephen Ministry group.  No big deal - …

Cloudy with a chance of Green

This is an example of how green it gets in Merlin in June- especially when it's cloudy and the humidity is in the 'bout ready to rain range. I took this picture a lifetime ago in the woods somewhere near old Ellicott City on a June afternoon.
Today was a fairly quiet day.  Had only one hearing in court and then a client visit with a delightful little guy, then home to do paperwork. The evening was spent doing music:) Played flute and then sang with the choir for a special service this coming Sunday. Normally we don't do as much in the summer, since the choir doesn't sing again on a regular basis until September, but our feast day is celebrated this Sunday (the real date is December 23rd, which means we wait, LOL:)).
Anyway, I have made some progress on Rosemary Hill's "A Mysterious Shawl" and am now at Clue number 3 of 5.  

Well, off to do a little knitting before I head into lights out. God be with you 'til we meet again+

Unexpected delights

Today was a truly lovely day.  The sun was shining; thunderstorms had chased away the early summer humidity.  John was feeling much better and I got a good night's sleep. Not much happened that was all too exciting, but there were moments of unexpected joy. I started the day with a telephonic meeting with some very hard working social workers, trying to puzzle out what we all believed to be the best route to take for some clients of mine.  I was very glad to be part of the conversation.  Did we have the answer? Not really, but we know where we're going for now and that's good enough. I did some paperwork, answered e-mails, then had lunch with John after a walk to the mailbox and back.  He really is doing a lot better, thank goodness.  His docs did an excellent job.  I think he's starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Today he got a wooden walking stick from, LOL:) - more psychological than anything else, but it helps with balance. His family ha…

It's a Mystery

Back when I was in college and taking theology classes and in the process of joining the Catholic Church (before I became a reprobate), I would ask for an explanation of the nature of the Eucharist and later, the Trinity.  The response would invariably begin with "It's a mystery." Lately I've been debating the existence of the Trinity with someone who posits the theory that the entire belief system of mainstream Xianity on that topic is the result of which faction had more armed power and could enforce their particular point of view; that Truth should not be based upon such things.   Although she has a point, I don't intend to write about that here. My "mysteries" are far more mundane. It seems I've been doing a lot of Mystery Shawl knitting recently, in addition to the ones that are still sitting in the project boxes upstairs in the stash dungeon room. It started with Rosemary Hill's A Mysterious Shawl.  I'm knitting it in a lovely skein of…

drizzly sunday

More like lazy Sunday.  We're not doing the family dinner thing this week or next. John needs more rest and I am behind on getting things done around here. Not that it will keep me from my latest knitting projects, LOL:)! I was up too late last night, too late because I was too tired to write the way I would have liked. Got up late as expected, took a shower, got dressed and went to church.  I would have probably skipped, but had agreed to sub for a fellow lector who was called out of town on business or family stuff or something like that.  A good thing, because the sermon was truly outstanding. It referred to the business of finding faith outside of one's usual tribe.  The featured gospel was the one about the Centurion who believed that Jesus could cure his daughter long distance. And then Jenni, our priest, quoted, of all people, Pope Francis:) who apparently recently said something about ALL people being saved by God's grace, even (GASP) atheists:)! Good for you, Pop…

Eve of June

Early June in the magical land of Merlin on the Western Shore of the great Atlantic - especially around Old Ellicott  - emits its own green calm of grace and peace of an evening. I began this blogpost on the eve of June and therefore the beginnings of this fairylike time between the end of a long day and the beginning of evening - also the season between the end of spring and grimmer aspects of summer.
 Anyway, I like it. Even on hotter days, like today, the evening treats us to a gentle breeze, a sun that has forgotten its harshness and the gentler sounds of insects, birds and other wildlife trying to live with us in relative harmony. And it doesn't hurt that it's the end of the work day and the beginning of a weekend, too:)! This week has been a short one, but that didn't stop it from being an exhausting one. Of course I didn't help much by staying up way past my bedtime on a number of occasions! And I'm doing it again now. I'm finally starting to either get o…