The National Weather Service was predicting derecho storms for our little corner of Merlin, but now it just looks like nasty old severe thunderstorms.  Either way, I'm just glad we still have electricity:).
Since last we saw each other, dear 2.5 readers, I've visited some clients, attended a couple of meetings and services, and the fellow I told you about whom we visited on Saturday, has begun his travels free of this earthly coil. I am grateful to have been able to say goodbye and wish him well on his journey.
Normally on Thursdays, I have a court docket. In fact, it's usually my busiest day of the week. But for some reason, today I didn't have any hearings and I'm not the attorney on call for shelter hearings, so I had no reason to head out to the office or the courthouse today, especially given that the Bawlmer Beltway was closed down near me - not sure if it was the weather or an accident.  So, I remained working at the home office, checking e-mails and prepping for tomorrow's hearings and the weekend's client visits.  And of course I feel like lazy bum!
In the past few days, I decided to look through my unfinished projects truckload list and maybe pick up one or two I could work on this summer. I found a few and did start working on a couple of them last night.

 One was a Brooklyn Tweed pattern - Dryad, by Jared Flood himself - a wide scarf that I thought might work for the prayer shawl group.  The other is a shawl I began after my gastric bypass surgery a couple of years ago - Windesbraut Bertha by Monika Eckert - the Wollklabauter (wool pirate) herself:)!

 It's a lot of fun going back to a project after a period of absence - especially if you can figure out where you are in the pattern.  At least it is for me.  I've already done quite a bit on both of these projects.  In fact, I'd say they're each about half done.  The use of highlighting tape has made a huge difference in figuring out how far I got - although the Dryad is pretty easy to tell given the cables alternating with plainer sections. I have a newfound appreciation for the yarn, the texture and the colors and a newfound enthusiasm for the project.  If I don't still love it, to the frog pond it goes and the yarn gets to find a new project better suited to it or worst case scenario, another knitter who will put it to good use.
Yesterday, I decided to track down all my shawl projects.  I don't even know if I have them all up on ravelry!! Michaels had a sale on photo boxes.  They're a little bigger than a woman's shoebox and perfect for two moderate-sized shawl projects each.  The little label thingie on the outside of the box is perfect to insert a little card stating its contents. The boxes were reasonably pretty and the price was right, so I bought five of them into which to put 10 shawl projects.  The remaining ones, I put into a bag and have as my goal to finish by the end of this year, most by the end of the summer with any luck and perserverence:)!
Other shawls included in this bag all-star lineup are Romi (Rosemary Hill's) Carson- which I started earlier this year;

another Jared Flood pattern - Celes - begun while I was in Austin, TX for the NCAC conference back in October of 2010!

And just in case I decide to start yet another project to add to the 2,487  32 I have remaining, I'd like to use that bit of Samba Alpaca Yarn from Dancing Leaf Farms I got at Sheep and Wool this spring to do this baby:) - the Guernsey Triangle, another Jared Flood creation.  I had so much fun creating the Guernsey wrap a couple of years ago and now my no. 5 child has wrested it from the neck of her father.  I would love to make this triangle for myself. We shall see.  Nah - no "we shall see" about it.  I'm knitting it - just a question of when:). But the yarn and pattern are at the ready!

Well, dear 2.5, it appears the storms are going to be derecho(s) after all.  We have a tornado Warning for the next 15 minutes and one has been confirmed about 20 miles away in Laurel.  My son-in-law's mother lives there.  Praying for her safety. Now I'm glad that I am not in Beltway traffic. Strange sounds in this video - and no, not what you might think, LOL!!! (oh behave:)!!)

Well, I guess it's time to say, God be with you 'til we meet again:)!+
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