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I know I get rather political at times, but this well done and pristine legal argument is starting to make me feel proud to be an American

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Still Alive:) and well and kicking

Wow - this summer is flying by! It feels sometimes like I have done virtually nothing, yet there have been some wonderful moments! To highlight some of the big news in our lives, "[Great] Uncle Dan" is still with us and we are very happy to have him. The grandchildren are growing like weeds.  J, our youngest, got a job in an immigration law firm as a paralegal.  S, the penultimate offspring, just found out that she will be working for one of the District Courts here in Central Merlin. Gainful, interesting employment is a good thing:) In the extended family, new babies abound:) Our own Littlest Person is getting his own personality and finding his voice - no introvert he!  Our third daughter, B, has done amazingly on her most recent grades - this while working a very full-time management job! 
As usual, political arguments abound  at home and in the community-  this has been a summer of (for me) activism. I have been so vocal on the issue of same-sex marriage , Prop 8, and gay …