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Small update

Yesterday was truly not much.  I went to the New Year's Eve service Saturday evening and it was quite moving. Mostly it was a series of readings and prayers done in candlelight and a small amount of lighting in the church.  Two dear friends from EfM - Charles and June - did the readings.  Rev. Gregg did the gospel. Great way to usher in the New Year.

As a result of that, I stayed up way too late New Year's Eve  and did not feel the need to go to church Sunday.  Our Youngest got in fairly early - smart girl - at 2 a.m. Our Third didn't get in until later the next day - did not want to drive home with drunks, especially as her newly rearranged insides do not allow for alcohol without dire consequences.  Therefore she was sober.  Riding with a drunk is no fun when you're also drunk, but it is hair-raising when you're sober. Hopefully she convinced the drunk ones to do the same.  Again, smart girl.  We raise 'em smart around here.

I am blogging today because I need t…


So of course I wait until midnight 1/1/2012 to finally add a post to this thing, LOL!:) I am home alone, like the little kid in the movies, except no aftershave on my cheeks, thank goodness! It has been months since I wrote and I am truly sorry, because it seemed like so much of life happened and I even took pictures, but I didn't write about it. We celebrated our anniversary in Williamsburg, VA.
I "graduated" from EfM.
We celebrated Thanksgiving.  We celebrated Advent and Christmas.  And boy was Christmas a very musical Christmas for this fuguestate knitter:)!  

I rang and I sang and I played flute and tympani - yes TYMPANI!!  - for the Rutter Gloria, Joy to the World and the Hallelujah Chorus. As we used to say in high school: "What a pisser!" (In New York, that was a good thing, unlike in Boston.)

The weight loss surgery has helped enormously.  I haven't lost weight at warp speed, but lost it I have: I'm certainly not 32 years old any more, as I was in…