Small update

Yesterday was truly not much.  I went to the New Year's Eve service Saturday evening and it was quite moving. Mostly it was a series of readings and prayers done in candlelight and a small amount of lighting in the church.  Two dear friends from EfM - Charles and June - did the readings.  Rev. Gregg did the gospel. Great way to usher in the New Year.

As a result of that, I stayed up way too late New Year's Eve  and did not feel the need to go to church Sunday.  Our Youngest got in fairly early - smart girl - at 2 a.m. Our Third didn't get in until later the next day - did not want to drive home with drunks, especially as her newly rearranged insides do not allow for alcohol without dire consequences.  Therefore she was sober.  Riding with a drunk is no fun when you're also drunk, but it is hair-raising when you're sober. Hopefully she convinced the drunk ones to do the same.  Again, smart girl.  We raise 'em smart around here.

I am blogging today because I need to write for work.  So of course, this is my means of procrastinating. (!!) That's ok, I'll get it done... eventually.

Yesterday, we didn't do very much, other than the bare minimum to keep the Health Department away.  I am now dealing with a very sore throat and a voice that sounds like Selma Diamond? Remember her? The smoker - the BIG smoker - who was a graduate of NYU and, according to Wikipedia, published cartoons and humorous essays in the New Yorker before becoming a comedy writer on Radio and later TV long before she started acting. Sadly, she died of lung cancer before she turned 65. So don't smoke!

Anyway, I ended up going to bed super early and then tossing and turning and sleeping in a little bit today. Rough life:)

On the knitting front, I did a few more pattern repeats on the Aeolian shawl.  The yarn I'm using for this pattern is a KnitPicks Palette yarn in the Verdant Heather color.  It looks like an olive green from a distance, but it incorporates red and turquoise and actually looks great next to jeans.  Who knew?

Right now I'm actually working on three projects (you know, God forbid I should get bored working on just one thing.) The other two аrе Blümchen by Anne Hanson and Cercis by Marnie MacLean. I am making the two sweaters in a size about three inches smaller than my current circumference with the idea that I am continuing to lose weight and will need something to fit me by the spring when these should be done, LOL:)

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