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I break for socks:)

Well, we have finally seen the sun and gotten rid of the mildew growing under our knees (eww)! The sun is shining and it's a beautiful day here in Merlin. Since last I posted, dear readers, life has indeed, gone on. This past weekend was another time of missing church (I have been so bad - pure laziness is all it has been - shame on me - and I heard the organist was excellent, too, LOL!) Monday after court, I went home to finish up and to go to the first Board Meeting for the Orchestra of St. Johns - what an excellent season we are looking at for 2009-2010! Of course, yours truly volunteered to send out the minutes, God help us all. And it will be a bit of a challenge to raise the funds we need, but I feel confident we can do it. This will be such a great boon to our part of the universe! It was nice catching up with Nancy - her DS was honored by his wife, family and friends for his recent graduation and his degree in psychology. He is now looking for work, and he's gettin…

Bloggy Blahs, but I did have a decent week!

Life has just been moving along. Nothing earth shattering, nothing really new, so I've been following a whole bunch of blogs and commenting throughout the blogosphere - in English and occasionally in German (die arme Deutschen!). And it's been a lot of fun. Christa and Grainnee, thank you for posting comments here! I have so enjoyed hearing from you - you have been very kind to this "spinnende Ammie," and I so appreciate it:). Last I really posted (aside from the articale in Playbill about our son), I think it was more than a week ago, so I will catch up a bit: Last Saturday was the International Knit in Public Day - so of course being the perverse individual I am, I knit in private! Actually I stayed up so late Friday evening that I was a bit foggy eyed in the morning that I slept in past noon! That evening I attended a concert for a woman's singing group called the Nightingales. Their accompaniment - consisting of piano and at times a flute - was delightful. The …

That's my boy! I'm so proud:)!

DC's Theater Alliance Launches Bock'sFive Flights June 12 By Kenneth Jones
12 Jun 2009
Five Flights star Adele Robey
photo by Bruce RobeyTheater Alliance's final production of the 2008-09 season in Washington, DC, is Adam Bock's Five Flights, the regionally popular tale of a family letting go of the past, June 12-28.Shirley Serotsky stages the play, which, according to production notes, "explores in lyrical detail, what happens to a family when they must decide how to dispose of their parents' estate: a dilapidated aviary. Should they turn it into a shrine, a parking lot or abandon it altogether? We find Ed, who is stuck between a bossy sister-in-law, a highly suggestive sister, a zealot friend, and the attentions of a cute hockey player."The original 2004 Off-Broadway run by Rattlestick Theater starred Tony winner Alice Ripley. Bock's plays include The Receptionist, The Typographer's Dreamand Swimming in the Shallows. Bock received his MFA in playwri…

Und Jetzt Etwas Auf Deutsch:) And Now Something in German:)and Swedish

Many thanks to Grainnee for this wonderful "Filmtipp!" I am such a sucker for movies about people who use their talents for others - and the description of this film convinces me it is something I want to see. The title, Wie Im Himmel (As in Heaven). Maybe I will convince one of my Netflicks-using "kids" to allow me to borrow a film from them. I believe it's in Swedish. This clip from YouTube (also lifted from Grainnee's site) is in Swedish with German subtitles. To all my choir singer friends out there in the blogosphere - this hit goes out to you. (I'll try to translate the subtitles and the blurb from the movie website -be kind all you Germans out there!) I've heard it said that Swedish is a nice language to listen to....

My best attempts at translating the words to the song:Now my life belongs to me
My time on earth is so short
My longing brought me here
What I’ve lost and what I’ve gained
It is the way that I choose
My trust lies with the words
It has…

Stormy weather

I was about to get into my car to go to the office to drop some things off yesterday, but the bright, cheerful sunny skies had suddenly turned into this:
It was windy and downright scary - especially since I had to convince an adult daughter to get her butt in the house - she was on the swing ferchrisssakes! Sheesh! Of course Mom was a doofus, too, standing outside and taking pictures during a thunderstorm- brilliant, huh? But I did get some fun pictures in.  Luckily there was no twister, but it wouldn't have surprised me if it had turned to a small one as fast as the wind was starting up and as loud as it got for a while there.   Thankfully (!!!) this part of the country rarely gets such weather phenomena, but it has  happened a few times since we've lived in Merlin, so you never know. This morning I got up super early to get to the office before an 8:30 meeting I thought was happening at the courthouse, but apparently had been canceled (serves me right for missing the last mee…

What an amazing weekend!

Grandchild bonanza! Book bonanza! Surprise visitor from Denver and Sunday dinner bonanza! How bad can that be?:)  Well dear readers,  since last we left each other (except for the delightful video from one of our dear favorites, Betty Bowers, on Same-Sex marriage), it was Wednesday and I had enjoyed a seminar at St. Agnes Hospital to educate myself on gastric bypass.
The next day (Thursday) started with a walk around Centennial Park with a choir friend, Susan, and Gage the Wonderdog:).   I say Wonderdog because Gage is such a sweet-natured critter, yet he's going through a rough bit of chemotherapy for the cancer with which he is dealing.  He's also very opinionated about some of the bridges across parts of the lake  at the park, so we walked about 1/2 way 'round and turned around and came back (going across only one of the bridges - the one Gage was OK with, LOL:))  It was lovely to spend some time with Susan, who is such a fine person and a delight to be with.  We talked ab…


One of many

steps in the process I suppose.  I went to a meeting/seminar at St. Agnes Hospital in Catonsville, Merlin to get Dr. Averbach's view of ye olde gastrick bypass.  It was interesting.  The statistics were very encouraging.  The mounds of paperwork I will probably have to go through to get there are not.  What's also interesting is the above taken from the hill behind the hospital upon which most of the hospital parking is situated.  You actually get a great view of Bawlmer, Merlin from here, but it's a bit faded in the background of the picture to the right.  And the construction is lovely, is it not? But it will look quite nice and modern when it's all done in about 3 years time. One thing I do realize - this will not by any means make me a beauty.  Besides all of that is in the eyes of the beholder and I'm too damn old to give a crap about that anymore.  I will always have to watch what I eat no matter what, but this will at least give me a better handle on it, bett…

Moonlight on Purl

Well, I finished my last bits of daylight this evening sitting outside, listening to Episode 80 of Brenda Dayne's Cast-on podcast. I worked on the February Lady Sweater, with its gull lace pattern that is so easy to remember, but interesting enough to enjoy watching it grow.  The sweater traveled with me today to a meeting at DSS concerning the next placement of young adult client.  I sat and knit and listened and restrained myself from saying things that would not have helped and listened.  And listened.  It was one of those meetings.  I am hopeful and fearful about that young man's future.  More than that I will not say, cannot say. 
After getting home, I returned some phone calls and got some more paperwork done. Tomorrow will be a day of catching up on visits and more phone calls to be sure I have it together for Thursday and Friday.  One of my colleagues and I are covering some cases so that we can better organize our calendars this week.  As a result,  I may have time to …