I break for socks:)

Well, we have finally seen the sun and gotten rid of the mildew growing under our knees (eww)! The sun is shining and it's a beautiful day here in Merlin. Since last I posted, dear readers, life has indeed, gone on. This past weekend was another time of missing church (I have been so bad - pure laziness is all it has been - shame on me - and I heard the organist was excellent, too, LOL!)
Monday after court, I went home to finish up and to go to the first Board Meeting for the Orchestra of St. Johns - what an excellent season we are looking at for 2009-2010! Of course, yours truly volunteered to send out the minutes, God help us all. And it will be a bit of a challenge to raise the funds we need, but I feel confident we can do it. This will be such a great boon to our part of the universe!
It was nice catching up with Nancy - her DS was honored by his wife, family and friends for his recent graduation and his degree in psychology. He is now looking for work, and he's getting tons of interviews! I'm sure he'll do well. He and K are very similar - both are brilliant students and excellent writers. I know Nancy and Rennie are very proud of him as well they should be!
Yesterday was spent catching up on phone calls and trying to get organized. Today I am heading out to the office to drop off that paperwork, get new files and then on to visit (hopefully) three clients to prepare for court tomorrow. With any luck, I'll get to knit with my Sip'nKnit buds tonight!
Knitting is a matter of plugging away on the gazillion projects already underway. I think I now get why knitters often say "socks don't count." They are (comparatively speaking) small projects

that can be done in really neat yarn, relatively inexpensive (because you get at most two skeins), and - most importantly - they provide instant gratification. So, Sunday, I decided to take a sock break, using Cookie A.'s "Cookie Cutter Short Rows." Basically, you do a provisional cast on half the stitches you'll need using the back loops of a chain of crochet stitches in contrasting yarn, knit back and forth on those 36 or so stitches, working short rows as you would

for a heel, then back, until you have a curved shape, then unravel the crocheted chain, leaving live stitches to create the other half of the stitches, then proceed to knit in the round. You also do the heel the same way. I probably have not put this well, but you can probably find some reference to it on her blog. I am not linking to it, because her blog asks one not to do so, so I
won't. I did have some problems with picking up the live stitches, mostly because the crocheted chain did not unravel properly, but it's working fairly well. I decided to do a broken ribbing for
the instep and sock pattern once I get past the heel. The yarn is (I believe) Cherry Tree Hill, but
the colorway I don't have. Sorry.
I've also been plugging away on D's Lady February Sweater - hopefully it will be ready for her
by autumn, LOL! Hopefully it's not too wide and will eventually be long enough. I might need to do 3/4 length sleeves, but that's OK for this sweater.
Finally, I have been plugging away at the baby blanket - have done another color change, using up the Solstice organic cotton for what I hope will be a doubly wide center stripe, then back to the light blue and ending with the medium blue for the edging. It's not looking too bad. I'm using size 4 lace
circulars - the sharp points are very helpful in sticking with the pattern!
Well folks, that's all for now! God be with you 'til we meet again!


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