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Law Day May Day

Today was Law Day. Various Bar Associations from various counties in Merlin celebrate this occasion (a way of celebrating the rule of law over the rule of tyrants or the mob) in a variety of ways. Here in Bawlmer County, Merlin, where I practice about 99 percent of the time, they have a theme - this year was the Spirit of John Adams from Revolutionary times to Guantanamo. Local school children draw pictures and write essays about the meaning of this theme. They win prizes. The oldest prizewinner read her essay and it was outstanding. Master Beck was awarded an honor, as was an attorney who heads up a local Innocence Project. The Jazzband from Loyola High played before the ceremony and THEY were outstanding. It was a great way to spend a lunch hour- outside in the fresh spring air and (intermittent) sunshine. And it gave me hope for the future.
Then it was back to CINA court.

All that professionalism didn't stop me from beginning another shawl: Jared Food's Rock Isl…

OK Don't faint.