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So last night...

So last night I knuckled under and got 1/4 of the edging done on this blanket. I rather like it, though I got here at about 3:30 a.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time (groan....). And, wonder of wonders, Ms. Hanson herself had prepared additional bits of pattern charts to bulk out the corner a bit.  Not too shabby!
But ohmygoodness, I was tired when I woke up this morning for court. I had but one hearing and then spent the afternoon, eschewing a meeting and getting paperwork done.                                                   Lots of good things going on in the work front, but lots of things.  So by 3 p.m. I was ready to head home to get some work done there.  Because I have no sense and because with all the hateful, evil violence happening in the world today, I had a desire to put a few ticks into the positive side of the balance sheet, so I decided to give blood. Of course this was one of the old posters on the wall at the Red Cross Donation Center in Columbia. But it was this post…

Cool things that happen when your kids know you like to knit

They give you cute stuff on sale at Michaels (thank you Betsy and B) and when they are out and about at various festivals, the gift you yarn! Thank you Kristin and Kevin:)! God be with you 'til we meet again+

Knitting Distraction:)

I am finally in the "home stretch" for this baby blankie - Honeybaby - by Anne Hanson. So of course, I decided to change things up a bit and to put this into lace overkill.  Call it my affection for the Victorian era in terms of what I think is pretty. I decided that instead of the final pattern chart for this thing, I would instead do a knitted on lace edging.  It is taking As a result I have not yet reached a corner. Therein will lie the challenge - to add enough stitches to keep things square-ish, yet not so much that we have a floppy corner or worse yet, a circle.
It's looking pretty good so far, if a bit ornate. But I like ornate.  It's fancy, it's for a special baby, the first of her generation who will be much beloved as all babies should be. I hope this blanket will last and be used for any future babies that might enter this family. It is a DK weight yarn- a mix of cotton and linen (KnitPicks Cot-Lin) because her parents and she will be living…


"On July 30, 2016, a storm dropped six inches of rain in two hours on the city. The resulting flash flood caused severe damage in historic Ellicott City, especially along Main Street.Many homes, roads, businesses, sidewalks, and more were destroyed by the flooding, including the city's landmark clock. A state of emergency was declared as a result of the disaster, and at least two people have been confirmed to be dead." (Wikipedia, citations omitted).   This. The sight that greets us as we leave our driveway-disguised-as-nonCounty-street every day - a not-so subtle reminder of the devastation that occurred last weekend. The sidewalks have collapsed and it is not safe to drive or walk to Main Street. The news helicopters kept passing overhead, so many and so loud last Sunday that my poor husband got a bad day's sleep after working overnight at the hotel. The presence of the helicopters is dwindling as last Saturday night's flood is relegated to old news, no matter h…