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Happy Thanksgiving:)!

Here in the U.S. of A., it is Thanksgiving. A day in which we spend time with family and/or friends, enjoy and express gratitude for the blessings life has given us. And like many US families, mine spent it together, even with those we do not have home with us yet. Five of our six offspring and their respective Significant Others were here, along with five grandkids. Our son, Danny, is still in L.A., but called before he went out for the evening. We miss him and cannot wait until he is back with us in December. (Yay Christmas:)!) I am also exhausted, probably because I am old. And out of shape:). The husband wonders what I'm doing quietly in the corner over here. Our eldest, her hubby and her three kids just left for home. Their Dad dropped them off before and we exchanged a lot of Thanksgiving pleasantries. That was nice. After dinner, we took a family picture of the attendees of our dinner/feast (a process that took awhile, due to a recalcitrant camera battery, but as soon as I …

Standard Time

Can it really be the last time I blogged was July 29th? That's nuts! I suppose I don't feel that I have much worthwhile to say.  Oh, occasionally I have Deep Thoughts, but they soon pass. I really can't talk about work without telling someone else's story - someone else who is entitled to his or her privacy - and besides which, I like my job and would like to keep on doing it. 
Family stuff is similar - my offspring are adults each with their own right to privacy.  I am proud of each and every one of them - kids and grands alike - but their stories are theirs to tell. Or not.
I am left with me and maybe John. 
Oh dear. 
And my life has been pretty much the same cycle: Work gets busy, work slows down, music and other fun things I do follow the Xian church - and academic - year. Knitting is organized, CHAOTIC, then re-organized..... you get the picture.
I continue to be blessed with the same wonderful friends and colleagues and (TBTG!!) family members.  
Deep Thoughts (O…