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I don't know what to make of this.

The cynical side of me wonders why Jesus is painted as a total Caucasian, but actually that doesn't surprise me. The miracle is in the innocence of this child. Interestingly, her household was supposedly atheist. Who knows? I leave it to you. All comments welcome:)!

And no, folks, I've not gone over the deep end, over the edge or over 55 - yet, LOL:)
A lot has gone on since last I wrote. How to begin? Well, let's see:

The business with that book club was finally straightened out, but it is unlikely I will ever buy a book from them again - I can't afford it, LOL!

I've had some losses - a death in the family, the loss (through suicide) of a client in December, and the death of a brilliant colleague.

I've had some amazing blessings - Baby Johnny's smile and cooing, Ruby's hilarious expressions and Madison's growth. A LOT of books on Kindle and in print, mostly on KNITTING:)

And I've finished, begun and started to weed out as yet undone projects - we…

Have any of you had similar experiences?

My e-mail to CCBook Club today (the name has been changed to protect me):

Your fax unfortunately was not what I requested. It has taken me two solid weeks to get any kind of relief since your "preauthorization hold from hell" hit my bank account.
My bank thankfully finally agreed to waive $168.00 in overdraft fees even though the fax you sent was not what was requested. Sending a fax requesting that a hold be released two weeks after the funds were made available to you was a bit silly. What was requested was that you indicate the hold was in error and that you were not going to be responsible for overdraft fees.

Please accept this e-mail as formal notice that I am terminating my account with CCBook Club today. I have long ago met my purchase obligations with this book club I will not be responding to any e-mails, nor will I pay for any unsolicited books sent to my home.I will be saving this e-mail in case there is any dispute later about books sent to my home from your …


Well, nobody ever said I was organized, LOL:)!
What an interesting couple of weeks it's been! Where do I begin? Let's see, there was Christmas Eve and all the attendant loveliness of the night, Christmas day with the family, New Year's Eve eggrolls at the neighbors', New Year's dinner at Denise's with my knitting buds and a bunch of finished projects! How's that for the Reader's Digest version of my life?
Let me start with Christmas Eve. Despite all my worries and because of Nancy's hard tireless work keeping us all on task, the music was wonderful, the services beautiful and the occasion, as always, meaningful! Thanks to Nancy's contacts in the musician community, there is this wonderfully talented group of men and women called the Bay Street Brass - who play with us. Together with Nancy, they make us sound almost like professionals! I got to do a whole bunch of fun stuff - singing with the choir, playing tambourine in one part; tympani accomp…