Have any of you had similar experiences?

My e-mail to CCBook Club today (the name has been changed to protect me):

Your fax unfortunately was not what I requested. It has taken me two solid weeks to get any kind of relief since your "preauthorization hold from hell" hit my bank account.
My bank thankfully finally agreed to waive $168.00 in overdraft fees even though the fax you sent was not what was requested. Sending a fax requesting that a hold be released two weeks after the funds were made available to you was a bit silly. What was requested was that you indicate the hold was in error and that you were not going to be responsible for overdraft fees.

Please accept this e-mail as formal notice that I am terminating my account with CCBook Club today. I have long ago met my purchase obligations with this book club I will not be responding to any e-mails, nor will I pay for any unsolicited books sent to my home.I will be saving this e-mail in case there is any dispute later about books sent to my home from your company.

In addition, under no circumstances are you authorized to apply any debit/credit card of mine.

I am sorry that after about five years my membership has to end this way, but I cannot afford to deal with your customer service any more.


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