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Random stuff

Well, things are moving along, but never as quickly as one would like:). Never would have thought I'd feel this good at this point, though. I'm still sore and tire more easily, but that's no big surprise. Since last we met, dear 2.5 readers, I've had two visitors here at Chez FugueState. Diane L came by Monday and brought magazines (one about cooking light, the other about knitting--MWA!) and this lovely low-fat, sugar - free fruit thingie that was out of this world! Thank you, Diane:)
Today Nancy S. came by. She brought some lovely Greek yogurt and blueberries from her own garden- yum! Hey, I thought I was supposed to be losing weight, LOL. I am! We had a lovely time, eating our lunches outside on the porch and talking our fool heads off about pretty near everything. Heaven! Thanks so much Nancy!
Now the clouds are rolling in for what promises to be another in a stream of thunderstorms coming at us for the next week. Ah timing is everything!
Oh, before I go for now, coup…

I be baaaack;)!!and the whole dang story

Not much to blog about except it's great to be back with the needles again:)!! And no, I don't mean the ones filled with drugs (silly), the ones with yarn wrapped around them:)!
I figure since I've already got eighteen gazillion projects going, was only right to...
So I'm trying my hand at the Windesbraut Bertha- a lovely shawl by Monika Eckert a/k/a Klabauter. So far so good.

On the more boring news front, let me tell ya what happened:
John and I showed up at St. Agnes Hospital at 9:45 a.m. They took soon blood from my arm (the first of many on my two-and-a-half-day stay). W sat in the waiting room where hospital staff took our names and other relevant info, probably to rule us out as terrorists.
When someone called my name, I went back again- this time to get the street clothes off and get the sterile gown on. So far so good. Then John came back to join me. I was hooked up to a water bag via an IV. The surgeon came in, signed off on the paperwork, h…

On through to the other side

Surgery went without a hitch- except for a hernia repair in addition, which did not surprise

me given my klutziness around getting out of bed in recent years. I am a total baby about pain, I'm embarrassed to admit. Although I have been a good doobie about following doctor's orders and walking and doing the deep breathing.
Ann M, previously (nay, continuously) our Parish Nurse, was there when I got out of recovery, keeping my extremely dry mouth clean and moistened. She had excellent advice for me when she left hours later. Thank you Ann! Come to think of it, with rare exception, the caregivers at St. Agnes Hospital were all very gentle. I now know why they call nurses "angels of mercy!" and it wasn't for my sparkling personality, trust me. Talking just took too much energy. It still does. This hurts, but it gets better. I even took a shower today Which means it gets better for others too:)
I have done no knitting. Somehow I think that will be changing in a day o…

Today's the day!

Not much time to blog today. Surgery in about four hours. Wish me well. Back in a few days:)!
God be with you 'til we meet again+

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