On through to the other side

Surgery went without a hitch- except for a hernia repair in addition, which did not surprise

me given my klutziness around getting out of bed in recent years. I am a total baby about pain, I'm embarrassed to admit. Although I have been a good doobie about following doctor's orders and walking and doing the deep breathing.
Ann M, previously (nay, continuously) our Parish Nurse, was there when I got out of recovery, keeping my extremely dry mouth clean and moistened. She had excellent advice for me when she left hours later. Thank you Ann! Come to think of it, with rare exception, the caregivers at St. Agnes Hospital were all very gentle. I now know why they call nurses "angels of mercy!" and it wasn't for my sparkling personality, trust me. Talking just took too much energy. It still does. This hurts, but it gets better. I even took a shower today Which means it gets better for others too:)
I have done no knitting. Somehow I think that will be changing in a day or two.
One thing before I sign off. Well two: thank you to all my wonderful friends, colleagues, clergy, fellow choirs members, EfM'ers, Stephen Ministry folks, other church friends, and family members, especially John who is putting up with me, my Dad, who has put up with me even longer, Maureen, my kids, grandkids and long- suffering clients who will be so glad for the excellent legal representation they will receive in the next week that they won't want me back, LOL! Anyway, thank you all. And the second thing is the above picture: a beautiful Peace Plant given to me by the choirs as delivered by Diane L., and my left ankle, which hasn't been this lacking in swelling since somewhere in the nineties, LOL!
God be with you 'til we meet again!+


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