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A whole lotta treading water:)

As far as the knitting goes, that is;)! That Ashby shawl continued to come in handy last week as we dealt with record snowfalls.  Have made a wee bit of progress on the Dryad for John, and, because we had a bunch of snow days off from work around here, decided to cast on two more projects and will likely cast on a third.  We'll see.... Decided to finally use that Zooey on another shawl.  Yep, and a Brooklyn Tweed one as well:): Stonecrop by Jared Flood. I am doing the smaller version of the wrap. It's actually quite an interesting pattern.  Sadly, no pictures yet.  Will post one or two as soon as I can.
Having seen my progress on the Dryad, and wishing to preserve it for John, S (the one who appropriated the Guernsey Wrap for herself after "borrowing" it from her father) talked me into knitting her the Elfreide scarf (another Brooklyn Tweed pattern by Lucy Sweetland I've been wanting to knit for ages). Oh dear. I had the yarn. I just had to cast on.  No pictures…

Productive? Or no?

I got up in time to sing with the choir this morning, got showered, dressed, and, armed with my bag of music and purse, purposefully headed out the door to my car and then.... decided to stay home. You may wonder why. I hadn't been to rehearsal Thursday evening and felt so unprepared. And there was bacon cooking in the kitchen (didn't say I was proud of my decision..) and I thought, I could get so much done at home without mucking up my part in church. I played around with my planner, thinking if I worked now, I'd really have a day off tomorrow. Selfish? Yes, most likely.  I learned that the littlest grandangels would not be gracing us with their presence;(.  Their Daddy had custody earlier than usual this weekend.  And that's ok. So what's an old grandma knitter/lawyer to do?  Well, I thought of heading back to Cloverhill Yarn to knit with my friends, but then I saw the snow heading our way and figured. Uh. Nope. I do not like driving in the snow when the road ge…

Interrupting this program to bring you...

Am working from home today.  The rest of the family are working and I have this lovely bit of quiet to get paperwork, scheduling and other organizational tasks completed.  One of the things I was doing was of course reading emails, updating calendars and the like. But a post from Mason-Dixon Knitting drew me up short for some reason. My really cool grandson, Gram (all my grands are cool - don't ever disabuse me of that notion!) has recently expressed a desire to learn to knit. Kay and Ann of Mason-Dixon knitting fame are having a book giveaway contest on their blog.  I frankly do not care about winning that book, although it looks like a wonderful book to have, but I did post a comment because I figured there would be a lot of folks who might have some ideas for me.  Here's what I wrote:
JOANJanuary 13, 2016 at 10:20 am I had a rather wicked stepmother – or with the advantage of hindsight – a stepmother with a lot of issues and a lot on her plate. But there is one thing she did…

From the Sublime to the...Incredibly Interesting!

Starting with the very interesting... Today was a very full and remarkable day - at least it seemed so from the vantage of my relatively small and unremarkable life. I started it as many second Sundays of the month - playing bells and other assorted instruments, including my voice, in church. Come to think of it, even that was unusual! Instead bells and choir during the first service, bells only with the organ in the second - we had a lot of fun, the bells playing along with Carol D on the flute, Mike M on his fiddle, Barry E on the drum and yours truly hitting the tambourine. During the second service, the eight of us remaining also sang as we played our respective instruments. What a blast! To top it off, there were about a gazillion baptisms and the little kids were adorable - even the screamer at the second service:)!
As I left church, the prudent thing would have been to go straight home, maybe practice some of the Radetzky one more time, knit a little, get ready for tomorrow'…

ANNOUNCEMENT! (see below) and Finally finished with my Christmas knitting:)

And yes they were all finished January 3rd. Never you mind. They all fit -and came in handy for the cold weather when it finally did arrive! And anyway, what self-respecting kid wants a sweater for Christmas?  Not that they didn't genuinely seem to like them. Many thanks to my two youngest grandangels for modeling theirs:)!
Well, it was a nice week, give or take, of "staycation" for me. Especially enjoyed the week between Christmas and New Year. But it's also great to be back in the swing of things-at work, in music, and in knitting.
Speaking of music, this rank amateur will be playing snare drum on Sunday (the Radetzky March) with the consummately professional Howard County Concert Orchestra (HoCoCO). The brainchild of Ron Mutchnik, a gifted violinist (and teacher) in his own right, and comprised of professional musicians, many of whom come from the sadly now-defunct Baltimore Opera's orchestra, it has become a Howard County treasure.  The January concert is a mu…